Eugenia Meyer, tells that to work with diverse documents, sisudas biblio-hemorografias, that the objective has to illuminate on the past and the human behavior, are total different to have the alive history ahead of itself and to have also the wonderful possibility to question it. Therefore for Meyer, each carried through interview was a life lesson. It declares that to work with veterans of social movements, or basic experiences in the history of its country, it was much more simple that if to launch in the estruturao of history. The author leaves clearly that to work with women she has different implications to work with men, therefore not if it deals with an ideological question, and yes of sort, therefore in some occasions the women can be much more distrustful and until distant, incapable to share its privacy, and in the case of the men, many occasions they see the interview as a challenge its hombridade, and therefore, have a true necessity to haunt and of convincing in them if becoming its abetter, from the fact of that they are certain that we believe them and approve all its history. The author also tells, that in ones of its interviews and unconscious form she was immersed in the introspection and proibidssima transference, therefore met making questions that was not directed the interviewed one, and yes proper itself. Meyer, to the look for this past, with the intention to recoup of the esquecimento the memory of the people, notices that it recoups its personal memory, and also remembers that somebody spoke to it that had ability to make until the rocks to speak. More in the truth what the author was really capable to develop, it was the capacity to listen others e, later, to listen to itself same, and to keep a permanent dialogue in its interior, always in function of what the others had counted to it. The text ' ' The end of memria' ' it leaves very clearly in the occasions where the author and interviewer Eugenia Meyer if transform into citizen of the interview, and declares that if it felt desconfortvel, and so it are of the place, therefore each one of us we have a story to count and to share, is only as soon as will win the esquecimento. All this fight has a bedding, that it is to fight against the esquecimento with the objective to hinder that the memory arrives at an end..