Anti Aging Natural Living

How many years can live a person; What is the age which can reach? You can reach the 120 years of life in perfect physical and mental condition. Homage to Professor Dr.Rodolfo Talice, born in Montevideo, Uruguay on 2 may 1899; dying on 2 June 1999, in full activity. Believe in life, it is to adapt to the new times, it is laugh and smile every day, laughter and smile are the best rejuvenating; no I think the pill or droplets few years should live man?, connoisseurs say, which is the average age of 120 years. The Conference delivered by Professor Dr. Rodolfo Talice, about how to live successfully, in the gerontologica Evangelical Foundation Wednesday 6 May 1992, be referred to things that shorten life and things that prolong it. There are many things that shorten life: eat and eat, drink and drink, bloat and bloat, smoking and smoking, angry and getting angry, complain and complain, isolated and isolated. On the other hand there are many that prolong life: manage life at any age according to own possibilities, adapted to the Interior and exterior changes. To not run the bus and 1980s as if we had forty, thirty or twenty.

When I looked out of the liceo couples embraced, they gave me desire to tell them at my time this is not used, but I adapted and I understand that times have changed and I close my eyes and I’m still walking, that’s adapt. Always working, not apoltronar it. There are so many nice things to do in life, even after retirement, you have to switch activities, alternated craftsmanship with the physicist, not listening to much, nor see much, toggle what you see with what you hear. Taking a lot of vitamin F in the family. Laugh and laugh escaping loneliness. Needs to be done once in a while a staff review of life itself; do in a quiet place to reflect: what I did so far?, what should I do?; what they did well, what I did wrong, what path continue?, which way not to go?.