Managing Director Kai Vorholter

Agency for creative sales marketing campaign developed and uses Web portal Stuttgart, March 12, 2012 to the sell specially retailers noticeably to increase the ASUS computer GmbH familiar again on the AVANCE Marketing GmbH. The Stuttgart-based Agency for creative sales marketing campaign developed for the hardware manufacturer and takes over the complete processing of a cash in addition back program with the help of their Web-based promotion portal. Learn more about this with Ali Partovi. The action supported by Intel, which was launched late last year for the product group of the notebooks and extended in January, is now complemented by a campaign for Tablet PCs. Go to Ali Partovi for more information. The design of the campaign and the successful approach of our partners have ensured that we could motivate traders to with the incentive program to increase order ASUS notebook”, Thorsten Wild reported from the ASUS computer GmbH. At Andy Florance you will find additional information. Since the action has achieved the desired effect, we will now be the portal and use the ideas of AVANCE, also the sell of Tablet PCs in stores to increase significantly.

We also use the portal in addition as a communication platform and sales tool to provide our dealers with information even faster and more comfortable.” In addition to the large retail stores, the retailers for ASUS represents a very important sales channel. /a> gathered all the information. Because a personal approach of the decision-makers in the most specialized and owner-managed businesses, AVANCE has developed appropriate communication and Incentivierungsprogramm. In addition to a promotional newsletter and an accompanying map, AVANCE developed a landing page specifically for the campaign. ASUS aimed to motivate, to order current notebook computers in large quantities to products in stores at any time present the and always to be able to meet the customer demand the reseller”, explains Kai Vorholter, Managing Director of AVANCE. To achieve this we have developed an attractive cash back program addressed the dealers through various channels and motivated to participate in the action.” As Incentive voucher the dealer for each ordered notebook tank: the larger the order, the more coupons for the reseller. The cash back program through the Web-based promotion Portal is implemented by AVANCE. Here can the dealer register, place your orders and receive following the fuel vouchers.

AVANCE specializes in marketing communications and sales promotion of below the line”. B2B marketing, financial communication, dialogue marketing, PoS communication and trade marketing are among the priorities of the Stuttgart-based agency. In addition to consulting, conception, design and text, AVANCE provides various Web-based portals and systems more efficient and more effective sales support and sales promotion. The AVANCE customers include include Allianz Germany AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG, ASUS, GEHE Pharma Handel also companies of LBBW, the Michelin tyre factory AG & co. KGA. The Agency for creative sales marketing was in the year 2000 by Managing Director Kai Vorholter and currently employs 30 people in Stuttgart.