Business Plan Plus Confidence

Where to get money for the development of a business from scratch? These questions are thousands of people took during the crisis, not an easy decision to start their own business. It is considered that startups no credit, and the novice entrepreneur should rely only on themselves. Some truth in this assertion is – too high risk to the lender, since a significant portion of start businesses do not survive until the first anniversary. The reasons for this a lot, and it makes sense to analyze them in a separate article. However, the ability to obtain loans for "promotion" business still exist. Just take care it is necessary at the stage of thinking about ideas and vision for the future of the case.

Opening a new business (unless of course we want it to be successful) is always preceded by a serious preparatory work. Have to calculate the financial aspects – in particular, acceptable profitability enterprise, to determine the suppliers, customers and markets for products, equipment and selection of room. All this is reflected in the business plan, the quality of drafting of which depends directly on the success of find the necessary amount. The need to write a business plan is often throws novice entrepreneur in awe. Here is an example of the practice of our organization: to us asked a resident of one of the districts of the Omsk region, which decided to open a mini-workshop on tailoring and shoe repair. In this case, himself for many years he was engaged in private shoe trade, in district know him and are satisfied with the quality of services.