Mircea Eliade

We see profane acts for the language of the religions, but accepted for these, since its myths espelham and are determinative of its devoradoras realities while of the pecaminosas souls. Mircea Eliade (P. 47) comments that They are Toms de Aquino constructs to the man the perfect image of God. Voltaire says that it is difficult to imagine so high egocentrismo, where the man understands that God being its image must have difficulties in seeing this leaving a woman and for so natural ways. The beliefs of that some men were different and possuam forces capable to fight against the good and the evil became them half-deuses men generating mythology Greek. Said histories move in the course of the time and the religious institutions always tend to want to find meanings and answers for what scientifically they do not obtain.

The faith if establishes as unconditional force of answers. For Eliade (2000 P. 58) to create a popular hero; collective imagination was enough to a particularly heroic event it assimilating and identifying with arqutipo traditional (…). For it the collective memory, that is; the memory of the historical events and the authentic personages modifies it the end of two or three centuries, in order to be able to participate in the model of the archaic mentality, that cannot accept the individual one and alone it conserves the unit. This reduction of the events the categories and the individualities the arqutipos, effected by the conscience of the European popular layers until almost to our days, is processed in agreement eats archaic ontologia. It could be said that the popular memory restitutes to the historical personage of the modern times its meaning of mimic of arqutipo and reproductive of the arqutipos gestures meant this of that the members of the archaic societies were and continue conscientious, but that it was forgotten.

Occidental Culture

Traditionally, the occidental culture and the civilization, have valued the religious fenmeno under the orientation of the Christian doctrine. Certainly that the responsible citizen, as is demanded, has the freedom to opt to one given religion, however, has the duty of if to clarify on the meaning and extension of the maioritria religion of the community where if it integrates, in the absolute and tolerant respect for minority religions e, in that circumstance, the Christian religious dimension could be decisive for the success or failure of the intervention of the citizen if it comunga or not of the reinante religion. ‘ ‘ Gift in history, the mystery of Christ illuminates the ends of its contexture; it illuminates the depths of the proper mystery of the man, its acts and its end. In this absolutely only adequacy of the fact and the norm it is that the Christian vision makes to rest its understanding of homem.’ ‘ (VAZ, 1986:102) .

Esprita Doctrine

Easily photographed, of color white-acinzentada, it goes since the transparent mist to the tangible form. The Ectoplasma is situated between the dense substance and the perispritica substance (double etreo), can be compared with the genuine protoplasmtica mass, being extremely sensible, be livened up of creative principles, that function as conducting of electricity and magnetism, but that they are subordinated, invariably, to the will of mdium, that exterioriza or of the Espritos deixarred a carne or not, that they syntonize with the medinica mind. Ectoplasma would be originary substance in protoplasma of the cellular plants. The Ectoplasma donated for mdium after the molding for the condensation process, will come back to its source for mechanism inverso' '. (Vide complete article on the subject: Center Esprita Ismael? Freddy Brandi in) Allan Kardec did not have, personally, medinicas properties. But possua the study and the intellectual capacity to understand and to allow the codification of the messages dictated for the espritos. Already later, evolutivamente, without the use of ' ' tables girantes' ' , but yes, through proper mdiuns, it wrote that one that is intitled as Esprita Doctrine. The Esprita Doctrine was constituted by some books and magazines published for Allan Kardec, explanations and marries, that they had formed arcabouo enlightening of the Spirit of the Truth or the Comforter promised for Jesus Christ who, to soon of the years, has allowed through the knowledge of that the life is perpetual, a constant personal and collective evolution, to understand that we are espritos fleshes-color in the corporal substance being that, the spirit, it is our proper thought and what we think are what we are. Therefore, we are what we think If we will be right, be good or think about the good, we will make the good, and we will attract the good, in contrast, if we will be unjust, be bad or think about the evil, we will make the evil, and we will attract the evil Our soul, the incarnate spirit, is indestructible, inexhaustible energy, for being about subtle energy, half-material, different of the energies that we know in the Land therefore, these, is exhaustible, finite and exaurveis sources, with passing of the time.