Occidental Culture

Traditionally, the occidental culture and the civilization, have valued the religious fenmeno under the orientation of the Christian doctrine. Certainly that the responsible citizen, as is demanded, has the freedom to opt to one given religion, however, has the duty of if to clarify on the meaning and extension of the maioritria religion of the community where if it integrates, in the absolute and tolerant respect for minority religions e, in that circumstance, the Christian religious dimension could be decisive for the success or failure of the intervention of the citizen if it comunga or not of the reinante religion. ‘ ‘ Gift in history, the mystery of Christ illuminates the ends of its contexture; it illuminates the depths of the proper mystery of the man, its acts and its end. In this absolutely only adequacy of the fact and the norm it is that the Christian vision makes to rest its understanding of homem.’ ‘ (VAZ, 1986:102) .