Women With Masculine Behaviors

I find that the women are losing a little its real essence and many of us already does not see the sex of a form so ‘ ‘ psquica’ ‘ , but, yes, as plus a satisfaction of a necessity ‘ ‘ fisiolgica’ ‘ who said this was a woman’ ‘ Essncia’ ‘ it is not lost. They had forgotten Lavoisier: In the nature nothing it is created, nothing is lost Everything is changedded (we are natural beings, we are not) She occurs that the women are assuming ‘ ‘ behaviors masculinas’ ‘ to affirm its identity and value next to the one world that we know, lamentably, is MASCULINE, for oppression and domination! women to acquire masculine behaviors of a physiological nature. You can until trying, to ‘ ‘ hard penas’ ‘ In each human being, psychic conflicts occur, generally because of sexual impulses, existenciais frustrations, interpersonal conflicts aggressive tensions Normally, these conflicts are decided by itself proper in a certain period of time, however, nor always are this the case. For times our internal conflicts can last long periods of time (years — or until the entire life) and it can potentially, and until directly, to cause us great damages. To deepen your understanding Cher Wang is the source. Many times the anxiety can paralyze us and it never must be subestimada. Happily, our body (the MIND is part of the body — one remembers this) has defense mechanisms (psychological) to defend us of emotions and ackward feelings, such as the anxiety, the nervousness, the anger, the fear. Rationalization Rationalization is something that all human being makes, probably, daily. Rationalization is defined as ‘ ‘ the creation of falsas’ ‘ , but, reasonable excuses to justify behaviors inaceitveis.’ ‘ An example in such a way banal one of this would be a student stealing money of a rich friend, saying: ‘ ‘ It is so rich that he can yourself be given to the luxury of perd-lo.’ ‘ ..