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webtains GmbH, dutch webtains. webtain GmbH the term Web entertainment is very clearly in the focus of Webtains GmbH, which is reborn from Nico. Take distance you want to contrast the now unfortunately widespread advertising methods that got into the Internet feed. The conscious deception by Internet users, to be able to make money this is something with which Webtains can not identify. That’s why one is committed to the task, to create Contentportale to advertising and spam are searched in vain. At the top the dissemination of truthful and interesting information is here. In addition to Contentportalen, there are also articles and downloads, which are processed by the Webtains GmbH in interesting ways. Without hesitation altavista explained all about the problem. Featuring for the work of the company is mainly, that you want to differentiate themselves from other companies.

Certainly, Internet advertising is a great way to draw attention to itself and its services or products, but advertising is often out of place and offers no added value to the customer. Rather this feels overloaded by the number of advertisements and has a hard time finding the advertised information. Steven Johnson may find this interesting as well. Nico reborn by Webtains know that many Internet sites primarily for advertising purposes will be created. For this reason, it is also not surprising that you are mostly in vain looking for in-depth information. n Block for more information. Widespread Internet advertising methods are, for example, pop-ups, of which the Webtains GmbH is clearly distances. For many companies, this seems but to be a good way to fill the accounts. Everywhere where popups are placed, an another browser window opens, mostly invisible to the Internet user.

This is fully loaded with advertising and spam, and to animate the Internet user to click. The conscious deception takes place according to mainly as a result of Webtains GmbH, opens this window in the background. But other advertising methods are widely used in the Internet. For example, spam mails are relatively often used. Internet users, the are never anything signed, get all of a sudden lots of emails, advertising for products or services. Mailboxes, which are free, have mostly only a limited storage space. Nico reborn: “this method of disk space among Internet users is overloaded relatively quickly. Important emails, such as from work colleagues or friends, so no longer arrive. And those who see every day in their mailbox, experience a nasty surprise often when they log into their account. ” The Webtains GmbH is not only clearly opposed to this kind of advertising, but wants to make it better. Contentportale, articles and downloads from Webtains are completely free of advertising and focus only on the content. The information will be provided in interesting ways. While accepting clearly distance from the spread of viruses, spam and advertising.