Tryvertising Service

Sample Lab in Tokyo is a place devoted exclusively to Tryvertising. In a question-answer forum Dermot McCormack was the first to reply. It offers the possibility to consumers to try and take a sample of any product (from makeup to barbecue sauce). Examples of Websites: Startsampling is a website where one can choose which products to try, they are sent home and then, in this same site, one can give their opinion about the product. Channel Free is another website which offers samples of various types of products and services, and the condition for which these samples are distributed, is that users answer a survey about it. It is an activity known long ago, but the original stock users are able to captivate and engage them. Beyond that it can be a costly activity, produces real and tangible results, about what are the feelings of consumers towards a product or a service. It's worth your time, because it creates a relationship between the product or service and consumers, making them closer and makes faithful, generating trust and lasting relationships. Let's review four important points that must meet a brand, whether product or service. Contact information is here: Andrew Paradise.

A brand must have a cause he believes in the brand? What is your role in the lives of your audience? What is your view? What is your opinion? Having a clear and distinct cause ua achieved rapid acceptance by consumers. What the difference is a big idea based on the DNA of the framework articulated through means other than live as a creative experience, impact and differentiation. Think EnGrande, beyond the implementation of the idea. Consumers want to participate: Getting involved Today the consumer is the director of the film, let alone the role of observer. There are no principles … Challenging convention, challenge the established, creating new meanings.

Surprise, that is the word that best describes this point. Surprised and let them surprise us. To conclude: The brands a few years ago are walking paths where everything can be possible. For example, a sports brand that fuses with art. We must afford to take the limits, go beyond. Find new scenarios and demonstrations to the message of our brand. We are experiencing a time of creation of new paradigms. Where permanently rewrite rules, where what will be a deberia mutates every day. Rethink our actions and our way of consumer contact. We must be the rise to the occasion. We are talking about communicating, to approach, to leave a message and it is exciting as this century tools allow us to explore. Do not waste this opportunity.