Tour De Meck Switzerland

‘Tour de Meck Switzerland – mid-May increases Second Edition Malchin is mid-May for a weekend host for cycling enthusiasts from all over the country. She was a great success – the first edition of the tour de Meck Switzerland”in the last year. First edition of this new cycling event in the Mecklenburg Switzerland there were 100 cyclists from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, but also from Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Whether time-trials on the road or in the mountain bike race in the terrain the athletes demanded about themselves and their mobile pedestals. And if it expanded also for the majority of the assets ultimately not for a place on the podium, most were however enthusiastic about the Organization and the great atmosphere at this new cycling event. Motivated by the popularity of the cyclists the organizers to City Hall spokesman Thomas Koch and Malchins motorcycle dealer start new Toni Hassemer in 2010 on BBs. Tour de Meck Switzerland the second”means it again for all lovers of cycling mid-May 2010.

After which the race at the first edition on one day limited, starts through 2010 for the street racer right in two days. Individual time trial on May 15, stage race on May 16, it foresees the program. The routes are again through the hills of the tourism region Mecklenburg Switzerland. And the mountain bike riders are of course again with part of the game. You go on May 15 on the challenging course in the Malchin Hainholz. “For those who like something more comfortable than the active driver, the tour de Meck Switzerland considers the” of course also something ready. On the morning of 15 may, the traditional cycling for everyone starts before the business of the Malchin motorcycle business Hassemer. “Now in the Middle as athletes or spectators on the side of the road the second edition of the tour de Meck Switzerland” has to offer with security for all lovers of cycling.

Especially the organizers are pleased that again the first sponsors for the race have found themselves. A few days ago gave the politician and Chief of the Regional Tourism Association of Marc Reinhard the organizers a donation cheque. I saw the premiere in 2009 and was thrilled by the atmosphere. And if a tour is even named of our tourism region, then it is clear but, almost by itself, we support such a move”, Reinhard says.