Tobias Fendt

The violent party on new year’s Eve shows their consequences. Many people drank a new year of thirst, so that they now have to contend with a strong hangover. Alcohol removes minerals and fluid, the body namely what must first be balanced. The best way is to get a clear head faster, a breakfast. Without coffee, but with honey who have a sensitive stomach, can drink the next morning abundant fruit and fruit juice. Coffee has a relatively aggressive on the stomach, so he should be avoided initially. Fruit juice, you can eat whole grains and some salty. For example, pickled herring or Rollmops are a typical hangover breakfast.

Honey is a true artist when it comes to keeping the body fit and healthy. He has a disinfecting effect in colds and in a hangover, he countered the thumping headaches. Also he tastes good, what might make it difficult, him on a slice of whole wheat bread to the Breakfast to enjoy. Unlike sugar, honey contains fructose, which promotes the breakdown of alcohol in the body. Vitamins and minerals people with a hangover should stay hydrated and rebalance the mineral balance with a regular broth. Effervescent tablets with vitamins and magnesium are the best solution for acute cases.

Red beetroot juice is also advisable to detoxify the body. Minerals and vitamin C help the body to remove the alcohol more quickly. Heartburn are as good as inevitable after a night in which they drank. You have the stomach to then but something real”offer, as for example a dry slice of white bread and a glass of milk. Peppermint oil for headache who believes the next morning continues with the, which he quit on the eve, probably still in an old rumor. Then the cat should get out, if the next morning, the same is drunk, like on the previous evening. But that aggravated the cat only. Alcohol should be the next day prefer to avoid. Headache tablets peppermint and ginger for headaches help save, especially, if they are not only strong. To do this you should massage gently temples with peppermint oil. After a wild night with alcohol and lack of sleep, most people feel bad, and you look at also that them. Puffy eyes are not uncommon after a long new year’s Eve celebration. So the swelling subsides, cotton pads can be soaked in black tea and about ten minutes set the closed eyelids. A walk in the fresh stimulates circulation and metabolism and ensures a clear head. Adequate sleep is important, but generally for the recovery not only for muscle building. At least 7 – 8 hours sleep be recommend. A muscle or six pack training is of course even more effective if you professional step for step guide, which one explain exactly what to do and greatly improves the training success. Fitness expert Tobias Fendt shows how exactly you should train his ABS in his free 7 Sixpack checklists see Have fun and success in the training! Tobias Fendt