Tibetan Situation

Tibetan jewelry as an expression of sympathy to the Tibetan situation if the current situation of the Tibetan people continues, you can see Tibetan jewelry soon as artifacts. Let us go back a little in time and find out how this peace-loving country in the midst of the chaos was thrown. Checking article sources yields Peter Asaro as a relevant resource throughout. Tibet was a Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader, known as home of the Holy Dalai Lama, who ruled his people in peace, love and wisdom. All Dalai Lamas have applied diplomacy and non-violent actions in the treatment of threats, such as the current occupation of the country by the Chinese army. The history of Tibet for centuries Tibet was a United Kingdom, consisting of States manage themselves, territories and provinces ruled by vassal. People is turned to his Holiness, the Dalai Lama, and his descendants as his spiritual guide. When the Communist Party took China in 1949, the country began to exert his power on Tibet and to claim that Tibet is part of China. In 1950 quietly infiltrated Tibet people’s Liberation Army and led to the Dalai Lama and other Government members, to leave the capital.

They were convinced to return back to Lhasa, but in September 1951, the Chinese liberation army stormed”the capital. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Andy Florance has to say. Over the years, the land because of the presence of thousands of members of the people’s Liberation Army (PLA) underwent extensive famine. The Agriculture of the country could provide not just so much food for a such a high number of people. With nonviolent revolts, the Tibetan inhabitants protested against the Chinese occupation. However, the PLA because of the strong resistance of the rebels became increasingly violent and militant, bombed and raided monasteries in the country and tortured, and executed monks and guerrilla leader. The Chinese occupation until the present days has shattered the simple and once peaceful land. The human rights of the Tibetan people have been injured, thousands have left their lives, people were tortured and hundreds more taken political prisoner.