The Secret To Longevity Or Is Important To Know About ORP

"We now only have to approach the opening of the unique phenomena of a negative ORP. This water, which is an antioxidant water, which is a miracle, for which Ivan the Durachek went to the Russian fairy tales. Why did he go? For living water. What is living water? This is the water that we form the regeneration, development and maintenance of the body throughout our life. The question is not how we'll grow old, but the question is whether we will be a burden in your old age people, children, and will it be possible to live in old age, of sound mind and good condition "a few years ago, Cambridge gerontologist Aubrey de Grey in an interview with the Sunday Times said:" Today we understand the aging process as well, that can not only prevent the possibility of intervention that can prevent aging, but also to describe it.

This problem has already moved to the rank of engineering projects, science, nothing to do here. The only thing we do not know how many this time it will take an engineering project. "It's a bold statement, however, has the right to life. Before proceeding to a description of the proposed options for making your device activated water, with production made possible by a number of inventions and discoveries of Russian scientists, let's try to understand – how to use the activated water can help our bodies cope with the loss of life resources over time. By the way, that is able to activated water? Activated water – this water, which has a structural network of hydrogen bonds loosened, the water molecules gain additional degrees of freedom that facilitates the absorption of a water-activated cells of living organisms and accelerates the removal of biological toxins.