The Good Relations Between Venezuela And Brazil

You can not ignore what Brazil represents in relation to opportunities, benefits, and strengths for Venezuela. It has many weaknesses in their production systems, given the cessation of many companies that have destabilized the domestic market and forced the current revolutionary government, is the import identification, leading the country into a situation with those countries highly dependent on their supplies on products not manufactured in the country, this is the case with Brazil to I demand that many products.

The professor of international trade in MBA program, mentioning Faces markets, University de Carabobo, can not ignore, pass unnoticed this issue, given the relevance, impact scope that generates, especially when Brazil is a major player dela MERCOSUR , Alianza Venezuela has been struggling to integrate. Hasdrubal participant reminds us is considered to Hague between both countries, and extensive common borders, vast energy resources, human potential throughout history have been expressed in the scientific field of economic thought, social and political, a rich cultural creation, vast land crossed by impressive bodies of water , natural resources, vast seas that open communications, weather stable, the entire amount of possibilities for the prosperity of our peoples. Contradictory ways, this impressive physical and human potential, is now a backdrop of poverty.

Here is the chance to meet it successfully: integrate our strengths to overcome and overcome our shortcomings in the path toward unity and prosperity. Venezuela and Brazil materialize the implementation of the Strategic Alliance, which covers areas such as energy, oil, gas, mining, taxation and customs, covering areas such as energy, oil, gas, mining, taxation and customs, finance, industry and commerce , family farming and land reform, tourism, technical cooperation, aquaculture and fisheries, science and technology, communication and information, military cooperation, among others.