Therefore, at standard resolution 96 pixels per inch, mind you – three times smaller than the paper, we see a different picture. If you have read about Sony already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Convincing? Not quite. Many argue – why use a photo size of 800×600 pixels? Now it is difficult to meet tsifromylnitsu with the matrix is less than five megapixels, and it is already ten times more resolution! Even the camera mobiles today give a picture with a resolution several times better than 800×600 pixels. Undoubtedly! However, no doubt, and that is not always and not all amateur photos can be printed on quality card, 10×15 and screen them can be viewed with great pleasure. Yet there is no doubt that global network is filled with beautiful photographs of the format is close to 800×600, and share these images much easier and more convenient than the “heavy” full-size photos.

Can result in long arguments for and against, but the obvious first conclusion – picture on the screen (active form) has a distinct visual advantage over the photo to the paper and that’s a plus. The second plus that the digital photo frame has its own memory – a photo album, which can be stored and viewed, for example, in slideshow mode, tens, hundreds or even thousands of images. Another plus – mobility and relative compactness, compared with a computer or even laptop. And, of course, additional features – most of these devices can not only display pictures but also play music or videos of different formats. There are, of course, downsides. For example, you need to take the trouble to learn how to communicate with the device, which, incidentally, is no more difficult to communicate with the camera. Then you need to “upload” in the frame your photos and choose a view mode.

Then, of course, have to think about the musical accompaniment, finally decide – enjoy watching it alone or invite your friends to have fun with all my heart. Yes, quite forgotten, you must first select another suitable model of the digital photo frame. Zadachka not easy, but in doing so, we’ll help you.