Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

It is the only woman in the Standing Committee on Slavery in the United Nations. PSOE militant in the 1931 elections is a candidate for deputy of the Constituent Cortes. He was appointed Government of the XV International Labour Conference and member of the Board of Vocational Rehabilitation Institute, and a delegate to the League of Nations. It is dedicated to the study of international law and labor and in 1933 became the first woman inspector of factories in Spain. At Energy Capital Partners you will find additional information. That same year he joined the National Committee of the Spanish Anti-Fascist Women’s Association. In 1935 he participated as a representative of employees in the International Labour Conference in Geneva. Once that occurs the military uprising of General Franco is part of the Women’s Relief Committee. From October to December 1936 U.S.

runs to raise funds on behalf of the Republic. At the beginning of 1939 begins his exile, based in Stockholm en route to New York to settle in Mexico a verdadera land of freedom for thousands of espanolesa . He is a member of the Board of Spanish culture in Mexico. Help the exile journals Spain Peregrina, Romance and the Spains, the most prestigious of the Spanish exile. He belonged to the College Board of Trustees of Madrid, which included distinguished figures of Spanish and Mexican intellectuals, school was founded in 1941 by the Board of Spanish Refugee Aid (JARE).