This is my personal recommendation about tapas bars in Seville: Coffee Bar La Universal situated next to the Plaza de el Salvador, is a bar in a lot always full, especially of Sevillians success. Caps are not the typical Andalusian, offer a much more daring selection of tapas with a great innovative touch. Outside there are some tables to sit. It is always much more pleasant come with time and pick up a table outside, rather than be inside. Europe in the Plazas of the bread, bar Bar Europe.

It is a bar with a modern touch and they offer tapas from more traditional to more experimental covers. Ask salmonero, croquette with spinach and sausage. Taverns colonial located in the Plaza of the Museum, near Alfalfa, a delicious bar to take a cap outside, in the Sun. As happens in all the bars success in Seville, there come with time and set aside. Ask without hesitation any cover of beef sirloin with whiskey, Sirloin to the porto, Sirloin to the castellana. Bodeguita situated full Barrio del Arenal, la Bodeguita Romero Romero is a classic. A meson’s food bar Andalusian style, but the specialty here is los montaditos. (Piripi, montaditos sausage) there are all kinds “montaditos”.

Bar star located very near the Alfalfa and en-route to the barrio santa cruz, you find the Bar star. It is a very frequented by Sevillians bar. Excellent tapas of Andalusian cuisine of all life. You have very few tables outside (difficult to sit) but inside there is enough space if reservations, in summer, it is even nicer to be inside it. Restaurant / Bar Eslava Bar/Restaurant Andalusian cuisine located in the Plaza of San Lorenzo. Walls take tops but you also have a restaurant where dinner. They put Andalusian specialities with a touch of creativity.