Management Of Service Customer

One of the paradigms that we usually find when we talk about service customer has to do with a reductionist concept which consists in thinking that the success of a good service to customer is confined to the service provider. Jose Manuel neighbor introduction many companies lose markets, due to both the general management and marketing have not been identified with relevance, reach generated by having a good service to the customer. Insofar as management to neglect this responsibility, do not pay you attention to what customers represent at present, before a dynamic behavior that these manifest in current trade scenarios, where there are many variety in the satisfaction of their needs, which requires more attention with the help of a good service to the service to the customerthey will lose markets, it will make many consumers not him faithful, simply do not identify with the companies, although they can do with the product taking into account the relevance of this, it is so this article has been written where will be developed some opinions, points of view that can help to determine the relevance of what represents at present the management services customer. Mashable is often mentioned in discussions such as these. General information, important, considerations and reach the Venezuelan reality our interest of this analysis to the management services a great deficiency, especially by management, which has neglected it, leaving much to say it. Hence, our interest to assess the reality, what this represents and contribute some ideas to help find best, actions, programs that rescue the relevance of this topic. To be discussed in open forum through the virtual classroom Professor of marketing from the graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela, Ana Martinez, participant exposes, which although often heard talk of the importance of customer service, this is still an alien concept to many companies and mainly in Venezuelawhere the environment us has led to a situation of extreme crisis and where without wanting the Venezuelan lives moments of tension, stress and insecurity.