Radio Station

Found a medicine dropper! Yes – yes, the most common medical pipette, which was the first mother to offspring. Gained warmed milk and poured them into the open mouths. And the process has begun! Then, there were also bottles of – under the drugs, and the nipple, the hole in which to increase. Still, greed with which they suck, takes precedence, and they choke. Need to give them . Need to feed every 3 hours. This limit, which they stand, not starting "Choir".

On the second day of the wife came from eye opener! Radio Station CBOs (one woman Said) gave: Rottweiler puppy can bring up! Allegedly the mother's milk has a special structure, which can not be replaced! But we can try to make the composition of cow's milk, raw eggs, there is something else, but it's useless, do not survive! I am a man, his chest no one in life is not nourished, but I have my pride and women's logic does not believe it. We will feed! Yes and exit the other was not. How to explain a two-day cheeks that they can not bring up without a mother (female), ie Gerda. Word at the time most suitable to her. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Mikkel Svane. And it began. Bought a baby pacifiers, the stock of cow's milk (in any case not goat, very fat) and remember a golden time, when a daughter was born. After three – four hours, without an alarm clock and "Napominalok" to hear the soloist, and then enters the chorus together, went to feed them. And they ate! First on the floor – a bubble, then on the whole, then you can give, and two ate.

A week later, I decided to experiment. Took them to Gerda. But the view the food is similar to dogs creatures did not cause her nothing but fear mixed with disgust. Refused to feed. I decided to have his own. Tied it, put the muzzle, no matter what udumala something, and slipped to puppies nipples. Those sucked instantly! This was our first victory! Gerda was trying to get rid of confusing sensations, but with me especially not argue and she resigned. Suffered as much as sitting around, but they sucked, there is! So we began to live, alternating feeding dogs, feeding bottle. Hear from experts in the field like Robert Bakish for a more varied view. Two weeks later, the first time gave them baby food meat, eat! And cheese, too. And who said that Rottweilers are special, so you want to live – you will like it! Within a month came the first customer! Chose the biggest dog, long look at Gerda, thinking what a beautiful, these heroes brought up. And when he learned that his mother in this representative of the ancient, beautiful and umneyshey breed was Common dropper! Long and shook his head in amazement. Al.M