Peak Companies

Workers are mostly dissatisfied with their companies, but fear the change Mr. Berg, May 11, 2009 – in an economic downturn many workers arrange apparently prefer with unattractive employers, rather than to seek new challenges. According to a statistical survey of the employer Portal would recommend 43% of all users their current employer never. 32% are not sure, just the lowest proportion of participants is unlimited companies (23%). Nevertheless, the willingness to change of the job is comparatively small only 12% of all respondents indicated that definitely leave want the company; at least 14% to think seriously about to change employer.

Most of the workers, but plans no changing of jobs (34%). Each 2% hope for new challenges within the company, or are still unsure whether they want to go to corresponding changes. “Is evident here, that for the workers and workers in the crisis of their own security” Workplace has top priority”, so Bjorn Schwenzer, CEO of EVALUBA AG. “This be temporarily poorer working conditions in purchase. However the companies must bear in mind that each crisis has an end. Checking article sources yields Energy Capital Partners as a relevant resource throughout.

Only loyal employees of a well-run company an important competitive advantage will receive their employers beyond the crisis, if, for example, the production must be expanded soon.” Considering the companies according to their size, a mixed picture emerges: thus the most satisfied employees can be found in larger firms (number of employees is 500-999), where 44% of employees speak a full recommendation and are interested in about 50% currently not on a new job. However there apparently also attractive development opportunities within the company, almost 13% of affected workers pull a shift within the company into consideration. For companies and employees, this pays equally from: the Know-How and the labour of the employees is retained, ensures an increased motivation. In still larger companies about 1000 employees tenuous, however, 24%. Bleak the situation for businesses under 500 employees is: here is the proportion of employees who do not want to tell a friend about your company, at an average of over 50%. Nevertheless, pull a job change to consider only relatively few workers (30%) or have planned this out. The companies with 100-199 employees represent an exception: here reach both dissatisfaction (57%) and also willingness to change (46%) Peak values.