Installation is quick, simple and clean. Parquet as how to install it: As we distinguish installing parquet and parquet glue. * Parquet adhesive is a traditional system of placing the park that consists of each slat of wood glued to the ground. Installation is slow cumbersome, but the finish is usually of higher quality. The apply a continuous layer of glue with a spatula spread evenly throughout the soil on which it is to place the parquet, generally consist of an adequate system for parquet boards made up of very small, or forming a mosaic.

If the boards have a more significant length can be used to glue strips, ie strips of glue applied perpendicular to the slat park that will place on them. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Samsung. * Wooden floating is the best known and widespread of the floating platforms and has a great popularity as an economical and easy to install and maintain backward. It is a type of wood flooring manufactured with a variable thickness ranging between 14 and 15 mm. It comes in the form of rectangular plate with dimensions 85cms x 32cms variables from up to 221cms x 1.8cms x 13cm x 2cms by brand and style. It consists of a hardwood layer whose thickness can range between 3 and 4mm and a counterpoint of solid wood (usually pine or fir). The surface is already painted factory so you do not have to give any further finishing. No glue is used for placement. Floors can be installed on any firm, flat and clean.

On the old pavement is placed a foam that has the power and acoustic insulation against moisture. Can be installed on underfloor heating incorporated. The platform floats on the old pavement and the foam insulation, hence the term floating. Different blades fit together, so the soil is not set or the floor or walls. By placing the strips are completely fixed to each other by tongue and groove is securely fastened and the stage behaves as if it were a piece. The parquet can place on other floors or pavements without additional work. The laminate is placed directly onto the surface clean and level, on a layer of foam. Parquet is usually the cheapest option for hardwood flooring and more resistant due to its finished. Parquet blades may have different thickness, finish and price depending on the function and intended use: AC-3 (normal use for home), AC-4 (greater use, greater traffic of people, ideal for offices and commercial premises), AC-5 (very intensive for large areas commercial, local inputs of heavy traffic of people)