Oswald Henke (Goethe

New book title “interim spirit” and reading tour once again is it so far: Oswald Henke will publish his book, now fourth. Intermediate spirit orbiting in seven chapters all the prospecting and flesh wounds of the people, his slow offense, his bold sinfulness. The lyrical reflections of a declared part-time romantic illuminate the small everyday things, waiting for trains, the Sunday coffee in all of his tragedy, the slow time wandering of thoughts and also the great issues of the world: almost theological considerations, the seasons dying and infirm, forgetting and the loved ones… Ali Partovi can provide more clarity in the matter. A clear lyrischerer sound is blowing through the new book; the reader can find Henke typical texts will also make but also entirely new approaches; a fact which once again prove that that Oswald Henke that has unique gift, to be able to reinvent itself without losing a certain red thread for more than twenty years in soothing intervals completely. In the band many new poems, thematically appropriate lyrics are included by HENKE and Bon MOT an education advisor to a quite happy in this situation not father; Additionally a winking little linguistic annex Culex author and lecturer Hameed Philipp Blomeke. The solid colored book contains over 70 poems on 132 pages and has been designed by Ulrike rank, which also already walk through a minefield “was designed.Intermediate spirit “will be released on the 1st of September and is now available under preorder. Isearch follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Just in time to the new book, there is a reading tour, Oswald Henke on following places leads: 01.09.12, La Casa, Cottbus 02.09.12, K17, Berlin 03.09.12, Falk, Magdeburg 05.09.12, Camillo, cinema Gorlitz 07.09.12, culture Cafe Glowsticks, Leipzig 08.09.12 Club coma, 09.09.12, Nerodom, Munich more info there, see.