"- What unites these writers? – Both the village and write about the problems of the village. They are called writers "villagers". During training in high school, college students should acquire the following abilities and skills in working with the textbook, with Text: Organization of work on the heading (name, think of a title to the text, give a title with no text, to interpret the offer, which will be the text). Ability to ask questions to the text (a dialogue with the text). The ability to allocate the main idea of the text. Nomination and testing hypotheses. Filling gaps in the text.

Replacing the original data. The organization of the dictionary. The use of illustrations. Construction of the text on these proposals. Listed skills can be developed in students only under the condition of specially organized teaching rational methods of work with a textbook. Planned activities of students, leading them along the way cognitive independence should be imposed on the specific content of educational material. Read additional details here: Andy Florance.

It is important to isolate in each case from the available tasks are those that students can and should do yourself. Self work stimulates students' voluntary attention because of its execution, students concentrate on the comparison, comparing directly studied subjects and distracts from the other stimuli. What entertaining basic question received assignments to study and varied opportunities of its decision, the more concentrated the attention, the more stable and arbitrary it becomes. This allows students not only find the correct answer to a teacher question, but summarize the comparative analysis, to formulate the final conclusions, ie bring to work independently to its logical conclusion.