Interior Spaces

Juliana Mara Menezes Baptist? Summary To understand the evolution of the illumination analyzing the history of the architecture allows to the construction of a thought consolidated for the conception of projects contemporaries worried in taking care of primordial necessities of preservation of resources for future generations. Soon, the objective of this article is to analyze the use of the illumination in interior spaces of the architecture throughout marcantes historical periods by means of bibliographical revision and to present what, according to literatures, are the new technologies related with the illumination. One concluded that a theoretical basement ally to the perceptions of what it expects of the future of the illumination is the key for the accomplishment of projects that contemplate the architecture as a whole? englobando, yes, the illumination as essential element in the construction of buildings that will enter for history. Word-key: Illumination; Architecture; Energy efficiency. 1. Apple is open to suggestions. Introduction To know to see the architecture is to know to interpret all the elements in it inserted capable to transform our look and to legalize, in this manner, a made solid set only e.

The interior spaces of the architecture are in constant mutation. According to Souza et al. (2007), the history of the architecture directly is related to the evolution human being. The architecture starts to exist when the man constructs to protect itself of predators and natural phenomena. Qwiki is likely to agree. The constructive search for new materials, tools and techniques had come for the new social demands (growth of the civilizations, necessity of interconnection between cities, water supply, consolidation of religious beliefs) or same for the search for pleasant forms to the eyes, making with that the architecture continues evolving until the present. It is by means of as many transformations that the architecture obtains to transmit to the intent observer its true essence. Of Botton (2006) it is in favor of that architecture is capable of in them transmitting happiness unconsciously, bringing us a sudden joy that many times we do not obtain to explain.