Greetsiel Edition

The cultural indicators for the North District returns as open citizen portal. After a complete overhaul, the culture indicator appears again as independent region ALB log for Ostfriesland NOR A on the Internet. In the foreground, citizen journalism is for the residents and the visitors with particular interest for the region in the Northwest. NOR A was North, who supplied the area between Greetsiel and Esens, between Norderney and the Brokmerland in the Internet as well as a free newspaper in the spring of 2012 as a cultural indicator for the historic district. The printed edition had to be adjusted due to the high cost of printing and postal distribution, but it continued in the Internet.

Last fall came with the Edition NOR A”add a new task field: books for the North District. One appeared in the debut of the Brookmerlander herbal Witch of ten East Frisian wild and medicinal herbs, that at the beginning of the year already went in the Second Edition. On the other hand, Werner Hessing in the Edition NOR A issued the father stories North”out with moving stories of difficult family relations. After the long winter, the site was completely redesigned to end of March. NOR A took a lot of encouragement North in the district”, Editorial Director Timo Schneider explains. For more information see Kam VedBrat. Many citizens here want an independent local reporting, which they can participate.” Especially small initiatives had it very difficult to get a place in the newspaper columns with their messages and event dates. Read more here: Robotics. For this reason, NOR A becomes the open region ALB log for the Northwest.

In addition to art & culture now also politics, business and the police report include the range of topics from NOR-A. In the foreground the idea of citizen journalism is”, so the editor of Lisa de Vries. Everyone experiences things of which he can tell the other, and each has knowledge that he would like to share with others.” In addition, citizens between Greetsiel and Esens, between Norderney and the Brokmerland now at NOR-A have opportunity. According to the free registration on can publish messages to notify the District of North, what new is there in the area, in the own association or company, upload photos to make the own messages even more attractive and to show the beautiful pages of the old circuit in the network, comment posts to exchange with other users about news, create your own user profile, to present themselves along with their own homepage and enter events in the public calendar”, so that no one need say more later in the District: if I had known of it sooner, I would have gone!” The ALB log of region of is continuously expanded in the coming months. So be more functions will be added according to the wishes and suggestions of the user community. -NOR-A was North 2012 free culture indicator for the historic district. In the autumn were in the Edition NOR A”published two book titles for the East Frisian North West. In the spring of 2013, the site was as an open Region ALB log redesigned in terms of citizen journalism. NOR A from the North Sea-based is operated Publisher. In 2009 published the light Wolf (magazine despite philosophy”), as well as books by his authors E-books, also appear. The Edition NOR A”books for the old district of be moved north.