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Anyway, a tight coupling of different information systems and technical tools in the Center stand in today’s structures for the distribution. They are handled portals together in sales information, allowing access to all relevant data of the various sources is possible”, describes how Hanna. With such a combination the traditional Commission systems prove necessarily a possibly very modern distribution impediment.” Even less such Commission solutions can meet this requirement, which are only part of a comprehensive software system. About broker solutions or insurance inventory systems include an integrated module to the Verprovisionierung. There are also sometimes such functionalities a sales representative accounting in ERP or accounting systems.

Does not even follow the objective of actively helping the sales control”, provides a very limited alignment Hanna here. These restrictions are also a key reason that a large part of the company plans the introduction of a new Commission accounting system according to a recent study by Nord-soft. The bar corresponds to the requirement profile of the companies identified in the survey to a large extent C / S Nord-soft. This Commission calculation system works in all industries to the structured calculation and distribution of provider claims. It offers the possibility to manage free and tenured employees, agents, franchisees, distributors, third party distributors and tipsters in unlimited tree depth and width. In addition staff characterized C / S through an integrated multi-client capability and optional separate billing option of individual structures within a Clients.

About Nord-soft company was founded over 20 years ago.