Friendly Occupation

New main courses in the vocational rehabilitation started on June 18, 2013 at the BFW in Leipzig on June 18 the new main courses in the professional rehabilitation at Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) professional development work started again. Over 150 new rehabilitation will participate in one of the 17 qualification measures for up to two years. 12 Participants, who take their opportunity on a new way to work with a training voucher from the job Center and the Agency for work belong to the new. Among the first, who welcome new participants to the three employees of the reception of the BFW Leipzig. Continue to learn more with: Mashable. We accommodate all new people personally on the opening day of the main courses”, explains Anke Fleischer, Director of the reception. To that we briefly explain our House the newcomers in the first place and together fill the arrival formalities.” On this day, there is a colorful hustle and bustle in the vestibule of the training and boarding facility.

As a small queue would form ever can. Wank and Sandra Rothe Anke Farley and her colleagues Kitty but are a well-established team that handles the situation with kind words and professionalism. “Since we already know many guests by the Rehavorbereitungskurse and she made us to work somewhat easier on such a day”, Anke Fleischer added. >Navy Federal Credit Union if you seek more information. And yet, it is important to always keep track. Because many new participants would be housed in the boarding school of the BFW Leipzig. The two six-storey school building accommodate 296 rooms, of which nearly 200 by the students of all the offered measures are currently occupied. We have established the other rooms as guest rooms for visitors of professional trainings, seminars and events of the House”, explains Anke Fleischer. The rehabilitation, who find a home on time during their training here but would have priority. The three employees of the reception are aware of their important task.