Focus Inhouse Storage

Small cranes and hand stacker – low-cost alternative for small companies and workshops also small businesses must often move or lift the heavy loads. A fork lift truck is usually the first choice for larger companies–with the right attachment-the fork stacker the help in many situations. Here, Mashable expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Nevertheless, there are many companies and the motor truck is either to situations where a forklift is not available expensive acquisition and maintenance, the type of application is not optimal or there is no employee who has a forklift license. Handheld devices on the market, which facilitate the day-to-day business are now for the lift and hold, as also the transport of large pallets. Small cranes are the perfect solution for the raising and keeping of a weight up to 3000 kg. Be used first and foremost in picking or also as an Assembly aid Industiekrane, because the flexible application allows a back-friendly work. Want to remove an engine from a car? Should a machine for the shipment on a pallet can be lifted? These are only two exemplary applications, where Leichtbaukrane can be used in the operation.

If the Industiekrane is not used, the Leichtbaukrane are space-saving are stored. Also, Industiekrane are a low-cost solution compared to a normal crane and are often better than e.g. a pulley to the wheel loader. In addition to typical self-erecting crane and Werktstattkran, there are also Assembly cranes with counterweight. These Gegengewichtskrane allow a direct approach to the load by means of the built-in counterweight without must be centered in the Centre of gravity of the load. This greatly simplified the lifting and the transport of loads. The Kleinekrane are available in the manual versions, as well as electric versions and depending on the respective execution a 12 v DC or 24V-Elektromotor supports the Kleinkrank here when lifting & maneuvering of various weights. In addition to the steady and precise lifting of loads is also the transport of loads in any company Business as usual.