Flirtation In The Holiday – Like Keep It The Germans With Holiday Affairs?

Current survey of the travel portal conducted a survey on the topic of holiday affair among the visitors of its website the online travel agency Unister Media shortly before the start of the summer season. Almost three quarters of respondents knew the question whether they would engage in an affair during the holiday. Only 36 percent of them gave their single status as a prerequisite for the holiday flirt. 15 percent reported to want to enter into an affair, if the partner stays at home. As a flirting partner especially other hotel and holiday guests suitable, so the opinion of almost 60 per cent of respondents.

Less than 20 percent were interested in becoming bartenders and bar hostesses or entertainers. The hotel room and the disco are considered suitable places for a liaison. The beach however occupies the leading position: here 40 percent of survey participants looking for romantic hours together. If you have read about Meg Languages already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 9 percent would be sweating in the sauna. Mallorca is ranked with just under 40 percent ranked the most popular region for a holiday affair. Also the great opportunities on a holiday flirt be awarded Florida’s sunny beaches or the tropical nights in Thailand.

The respondents in the Scandinavian countries see little hope for a summer fling. Despite atmospheric midsummer nights just 4 per cent in favour of a chance of having an affair in the cool North. Is each holiday also the summer love sometime ending? Over 70 percent of respondents said to want to remain even after returning to everyday life in contact with the holiday affair. More information: service / the University of first media GmbH press markets successful German-language Internet portals in the travel sector as,, and. Also the University Service GmbH, acts as a tour operator and travel auctions the online auction house about. Complementary products and services are in the areas of finance with and consumer information with offered.