English Phonetic

Phonetic and the fonologia is areas of the linguistics that study the sounds of speak, and for having the same study object they are linked. However, this exactly object is boarded for different points of view. The phonetic one has for main function to describe the sounds of speaks while the fonologia aims at to interpret the results gotten through the phonetic description. While the phonetic one is basically descriptive, the fonologia is a explicativa science. It analyzes it phonetic is based on the production, perception and transmission of the sounds of speaks, already it analyzes it fonolgica searchs the value of the sounds in a language, that is, its linguistic function.

As it can be seen, phonetic and the fonologia two important aspects for professors and apprenticees of a language for its are better understanding. The pronunciation of the words in Portuguese Language most of the time is represented in the same way that the writing. In the English Language it is different, and the fact of being different, finishes making it difficult learning of the one of this language for apprenticees that has as language materna the Portuguese. It can be observed that pupils in basic level of English Language pronounce words in the same way as it is written, and many times do not make the distinction enter the phonetic Portuguese of the phonetic English. An example of this is the word apple/pYl/, where these pupils when making use of the phonetic Portuguese will be able erroenamente to pronounce Apli /a: pli: /.

He is through the phonetic one and of the fonologia that apprenticees of foreign language will be able to learn the correct pronunciation of each word, and for this the professor of English Language must in such a way have the knowledge of the fnico system of its language how much of the taught language, so that this can decide interference problems, developing strategies that assist the pupil to surpass the trend to transpose fonolgico the phonetic system/of its language for the studied language. Beyond having the knowledge of the fonolgicos systems, the professor of Language English, will have to also present to its pupils these systems in way detailed for thus facilitating the learning..