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Reply to the EnEV 2009: the new SI-series of Akotherm the amendment of the EnEV 2009 brings once more drastic tightening with: increase the requirements to the energy performance of buildings and the energy requirements of the building envelope by an average 30 percent, is the claim to the “EnEV”, which is expected to be in effect as of January 1, 2009. At BAU 2009, Akotherm will present the answer to the revised energy conservation with its new, highly heat-insulated SI series for Windows and facades. “With our new SI-series we have an answer now on the various requirements of the demon”, it sums up at the Akotherm’s own development department. “A building provides a wide variety of claims regarding the design of the insulation. Here cost-efficient to work the insulating insulation in our new SI-series can be selected easier up to the highly heat-insulating version in the modular system”, adds the Manager of Product development, Dipl.-ing.

(FH) Markus Kutscher. The SI profile series were developed by Akotherm to give the Union performers practice- orientated solutions for the requirements of the amended EnEV at hand. So even the core medium is selectable: whether from foamed, with or without Einschiebling – the SI profiles can adapt to the different needs of insulation for facades and Windows. With a frame construction depth of 75 mm, the Bendorf aluminium profile systems manufacturer of AT 740-SI presents a brand new system, taking into account the apparent trend to wider widths. “Even with the new SI series, which the highly insulating extension of our proven systems are, in principle, AT 730 for window and AT 500 F for the facade, all application and processing technical advantages are preserved.

The fabricator must so do not invest in new tools or restructure whole operations. This applies to 740-SI also our new AT”, so the Declaration of Akotherm. “We think with each new product development simple and practical. “The processor the most innovative heat-winning facade is of no use, if the modified system technology this more impractical, but, on the contrary, is highly expensive in processing.” As regards the amended EnEV 2009 Akotherm has provided innovative answers for energy-efficient building with the new SI-series and world invites at BAU 2009, to convince booth in Hall C1, 518, from real practicality of Akotherm developments. You can learn the new SI-series of Akotherm in Hall C1, booth 518 at the BAU 2009 in Munich from January 12-17. Press contact: H.W.G. marketing & advertising Dieter Meyer Wiedbachstr. Dermot McCormack understands that this is vital information. 50 56567 Neuwied Tel. + 49 2631 964628 fax + 49 2631 964614 Web: company contact: AKOTHERM GmbH aluminium profile systems Werftstrasse 27 56170 Bendorf Tel. + 49 2622 94180 fax + 49 2622 9418255 E-Mail: Web: at the site in Bendorf develop and sell high quality aluminium profile systems Akotherm, Inc. employees for the areas of application Windows, doors, facades and winter gardens, as well as the corresponding accessories. The creativity in dealing with the material finds himself in the compatibility and continued evolution of the Akotherm system techniques, as well as in the development of detailed solutions and many extras aluminium. The products and processes comply with the latest DIN standards and EU directives. The granting of more extensive warranty and proven service concept round off the quality of Akotherm products. Akotherm partners benefit from the high level of technical competence and the consulting expertise of Akotherm edited with the aid of GmbH.