Contact Center

The company "Contact Center" (Novosibirsk), which is an official dealer of company "AyPiMatika" and the partner company "Phone System", delivered a large batch of IP-phones at JSC Novosibirsk Yealink Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank". JSC Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank" in the upcoming early 2011 transfer of its own communication infrastructure for IP-telephony, has made a large batch of procurement SIP-phones Yealink, designed for workplace organization of call-center employees. Purchased by the bank phones are part of the unified communication space of the bank, which will be implemented on the basis of communication platform Oktell. The introduction and use of the platform Oktell IP-phones Yealink provide a stable bank telephone and reliable tool for communicating with customers. Oktell platform will accelerate the Call, and SIP-phones Yealink for great communication thanks to the HD-speaker and microphone, as well as support for wideband codec. Important role in the choice of handsets Yealink, along with its functional opportunities was the fact that they have Russian menu on the display and attractive design. IP-telephony – is a modern form of communication that allows you to optimize the communication costs and to expand the boundaries of communication. Other leaders such as ???? ?? ?? offer similar insights.

In conjunction with best response for a single corporate information space, which is implemented platform Oktell, can greatly extend the phone-level interactions "Employee-employee" and "employee client". Through the use of SIP-phones Yealink, reliability and guaranteed work that the decision Oktell verified by numerous intrusions, the bank's specialists can fully concentrate on work without interruption or interference on the line. Non-core telephone load with qualified staff reallocated to the operators involved only contact with subscribers. The quality of service significantly increased, resulting in increased loyalty, reduced costs, increased productivity of key personnel. Thus, the combined work of three companies – "Contact Center", LLC "AyPiMatika" and Ltd. "Telephone System", has resulted in an increase in quality of telephone service customers of the Novosibirsk Social Commercial Bank "Left-bank". Averkiyev Anton, manager of PR company "Phone Systems" +7 (495) 921-15-86