The InBetween Germany GmbH, a leading manufacturer of dynamic publishing software, introduces the new VAR partners SOKO GmbH. Munich, 05.12.2011. In November, both companies decided to expand their cooperation in the field of database publishing. After signing of the partner agreement, the common goal is clear: building an extended customer base for the combined use of systems from both houses. Alexander Dressler, Managing Director of InBetween Germany GmbH, pleased with the partnership: it’s nice that we could win the SOKO as a partner. Thanks to the already existing InBetween, expertise is our network to a competent Member richer. The SOKO GmbH combines two essential building blocks of database publishing under one roof.

For one, she provides a comprehensive service portfolio around the automated custom production of print, Web, and digital media. On the other hand, SOKO solutions Division provides a high-end PIM-system of the compact class with the multimedia base. Through the Partnership with InBetween her portfolio expand the SOKO and can offer both systems (InBetween and multibase) as a closed solution for customers who want to carry out the entire database publishing workflow process in-house, explains managing director Martin busses SOKO. About SOKO GmbH, the SOKO GmbH, headquartered in Munich is the specialist for sales-oriented corporate communications and efficient information management. In addition to the classic marketing communication, SWAT in the field of database publishing offers a comprehensive solution and service portfolio for the automated creation of print, Web, and digital media.

In the PIM (product information management) segment, SOKO solutions as system builders and solution partner Division is responsible and provides with the multimedia base a Web-based high-end database system in the compact class. founded in 1999, the SWAT team will look after today national and international customers of various industries. About InBetween Germany GmbH InBetween is a synonym for high-performance database and dynamic publishing. InBetween sets new standards in the automated production of publications for marketing and sales with any improved version of the standard software. Low automated ad-hoc and creative publications, advertisements and posters, partially automated and decentralized created flyers and brochures up to fully automated price lists, customer-specific catalogues, and server-side generated data sheets InBetween supports companies in all publication processes. The figures speak for themselves: over 500 installations with more than 1,500 annually produced catalogues InBetween is a undisputed market and technology leader.

Essential Concepts

Ecology is a branch of biology that focuses on the study of living organisms into the natural environment. Environmentalists give a glimpse of how organisms interact with the environment and each other, studying the complex and interrelated systems that influence life on Earth. Ecology is also known as the biology of the environment, and there are a number of subdisciplines within this branch of science dealing with specific topics of interest, such as the relationship between human beings and the natural environment. Ecology researchers studied individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems. In each level, there are more things to learn. The natural environment or biome is usually closely related among themselves; researchers can focus on a single population of plants or animals, for example, where are lot subject to study, ranging from the way in which population used their physical environment to the way in which other agencies interact with him. For example, populations of ruminants can create roads and water wells, giving way to the Earth, and may also affect plant populations due to the consumption of some species of plants, leaving others alone.Also be student as these animals affect the excretion of seeds so that plants can spread. In the 20th century, environmentalists were especially interested in human activities that had a detrimental effect on the environment, recognizing that human beings could have an influence not always beneficial in nature.

For example, pollutant discharges into the waters of a river can cause a variety of changes in the nature, as well as the paving of more than one wetland can eliminate a habitat and put pressure on animal and plant species that are accustomed to live there. Environmentalists have been interested in the study of ecosystems and integers, and also in the study of all organisms that live in them and influencing them. Each ecosystem is home to plant and animal species, many of which to the edge of the extinction of species, unique which have adapted to the environment and among themselves, the study of this scientists provides information about the history of this ecosystem, and the evolutionary roots of the animals that live there. Ecology can also be studied in urban environments. The study of ecology is not limited to the terrestrial environment; marine environments, lakes and streams can also provide a lot of topics for thought and inspiration for your study. The marine environment, in particular, is not understood very well, researchers constantly say there is no more to learn about the ocean, the creatures that live there, and its geography and the underlying geology. For example, for centuries people assumed that the bottom of the Ocean was inactive and bleak, but in the 20th century, researchers discovered areas of biological activity around hydrothermal vents, with agencies that had adapted to an environment with little dark, high, pressure oxygen in the depths of the sea.

Low Weight Product

The SAP syrup is a product that undoubtedly has become the preferred by thousands and thousands of people who have already enjoyed the magnificent results that has provided them with the product. Detoxification with syrup SAP, emerged in Switzerland, but thanks to the benefits obtained, is a product that has achieved global popularity. Since 1980, the syrup is SAP has been a product that has been adapted to the lifestyles of the population, covering different needs. One of the most common adaptations, is called a relaxed Version, in which detoxification manages to perform through a deep cleaning of the body during the course of the night. Involuntarily, night after night, fasting at bedtime, since by not eating food, we contribute to the regeneration of our body, as well as to the recovery of the energy needed for the day. What the patient should do this during the relaxed Version of the syrup SAP, is to replace your dinner, with 2 or 3 glasses of this drink. In this way, will be achieved that the kidneys of the patient will become much more active until the time breakfast, where the process of recovery and cleaning stops. A. Model is likely to increase your knowledge. Verastegui hold.

Good Form

Summer X Good Form Wanderson Vitor Boareto Graduated History and Bachelor in law, After Graduated History and Social Construction, Docncia of Superior Ensino and Enterprising Education. Summary The perfect body and the beauty so had been never argued and stimulated for the medias. The question is the forms and the standards of beauty that each day are more demanding. The good one for living asks for to a physical activity and a balanced feeding, beyond the accompaniment for professionals of the area; the ultimate issue is the price that if paid to have the ideal body and the good form. Words Key Beauty, Perfect Body, Health, Professionals, Academy In current Brazil, the good form is divulged and propagated in all the social classes. She is without a doubt one of the industries most lucrative of modernity. For backwards of the good form thousand of jobs indirect right-handers and they appear daily in the whole world.

The question is: ' ' that paid price if stops having beauty and the good form? ' '. In January month, the gymnastics academies more than have an increase of 30% of new school registrations for some offered activities, all want to lose those quilinhos that are sobrando or to improve of some form the body. This search for the beauty is motivated by three factors: the summer and to few clothes, clubs and beaches and the carnival that is one of the parties most popular of Brazil. However, the use of anabolizantes is still constant, mainly for the adolescents who inconsequentes must the age and the collection suffered for the way. What more he scares the scholars of the subject is the commercialization of the anabolizantes and the alimentary supplements, carried through by the professionals of the area, that is, the professors and proprietors of academies, that in this in case that they only think about the generated profit, allow this practical illicit since the profits are excessive.

The Management Of Food In Lower Austria And Vienna, 1920

The second postwar year brought a variety of rules out the country lower Austria had in 1920 a very extensive scheme in connection with food created. So, the food were managed by maximum beer, bread, butter, raspberry juice, veal, potato, flour, beef, pigs, pork, pork fat and freshwater fish. Some provisions from previous years were also repealed. The highest price on the 3.Janner set 1920 bread with a weight of 1260 gram with 3 crowns and 84 Heller for the urban area of Vienna bread, flour and butter with bread for a loaf. In addition, the profit of interim bakers may grant the middlemen, with limited 16 brighter for such a loaf of bread was. Bread crumbs could be given only upon permission cards for bread whereby the price of 1 kg of bread crumbs could not exceed also 3 crowns and 84 Heller. The price of bread to 5 crowns 32 Heller was already on the 16.Janner 1920 both set up for the Loaf bread, as also the 1 kg of bread crumbs. The interim profit was lifted for any intermediary on 18 Heller. On March 20, 1920, the price of bread was raised once again, 5 crowns and 60 Heller, as well as for a 1 kg bread crumbs on the same price. The interim profit remained at 18 Heller. On 17 April 1920, the bread price finally on 6 crowns, as price for 1 kg of bread crumbs at constant any intermediary profit margin has been set. For flour, the selling price to the consumer for the city of Vienna, with 11 crowns and 20 Heller and set outside of Vienna with Heller of 11 crowns 16 was at the 16.Janner in 1920 for wear 1 kg of flour, semolina or cornmeal. For butter, a provision was laid down on 24 March 1920. The butter was legally differentiated in country butter and dairy butter. See more detailed opinions by reading what Mikkel Svane offers on the topic.. The farm butter price was linked to the price of pork lard. A surcharge of 25% was established on the farm butter price for dairy butter. Beer, raspberry juice and milk The beer prices for beer from the lower Austrian brewery, for the selling of domestic beer and domestic bottled beer throughout the city of Vienna were set at the 15 1920. The draft beer from the lower Austrian brewery was 282 crowns for light beer and dark beer 307 crowns per hectolitre. For the serving of domestic draft beer crowns was 4 crowns 80 Heller for light beer and dark beer, Heller estimated 5 CZK 20 per liter. For the serving of domestic bottled beer in the half litre bottle, 2 Crown 40 Heller was for light beer and dark beer 2 crowns 80 Heller priced. Prices for raspberry juice have been set with 06.Februar 1920. This settled the producer price, the wholesale price and the retail price. The producer price for raspberry juice was set staggered: filling of at least 100 kg: 3,050 crowns; Filling of at least 50 kg to 100 kg: 3,100 Crowns; Filling of less than 50 kg: 3,150 crowns. One Graduation was also at wholesale prices for raspberry juice: filling of at least 50 kg: 3,350 crowns; Filling of less than 50 kg and at least 10 kg: 3.375 crowns; Filling of less than 10 kg: 3,400 crowns. The retail price for raspberry juice was set finally with 37 crowns and 50 Heller per kg. New beer prices for beer from the lower Austrian brewery, for the selling of domestic beer and domestic bottled beer throughout the city of Vienna were set on April 2, 1920. The draft beer from the lower Austrian brewery was 380 crowns for light beer Heller and dark beer set 410 kroner per hectolitre. For the serving of domestic draft beer was 6 crowns for light beer and dark beer 6 crowns 40 Heller per liter set. For the serving of domestic bottled beer in the half litre bottle 3 crowns 40 Heller was for light beer and dark beer priced 4 crowns. With record prices were 5 May 1920 for Milk set. This settled the producer price, the wholesale price and the retail price. The producer price has been set for 1 litre freight railway station Vienna with 6 crowns and 70 Heller. The wholesale price was allowed to exceed 9 crowns 44 Heller towards institutions and trader 9 crowns 72 Heller and retailers. In the small wear compared to the consumer, the price could not exceed 10 kroons per liter. New beer prices for beer from the lower Austrian brewery, for the selling of domestic beer and domestic bottled beer throughout the city of Vienna were set on 2nd July 1920. The draft beer from the lower Austrian brewery, 540 kroons was for light beer and dark beer set 570 kroons per hectolitre. For the serving of domestic draft beer was 8 crowns for light beer and dark beer 8 crowns 40 Heller per liter set. For the serving of domestic bottled beer in the half litre bottle was for light beer 4 crowns 50 Heller and dark beer 5 crowns 10 Heller. With 07.Juli 1920 the ceilings for a raspberry were abrogated in turn. New beer prices for beer from the lower Austrian brewery, for the selling of domestic beer and domestic bottled beer throughout the city of Vienna were set on 31 August 1920. The draft beer from the lower Austrian brewery was 572 crowns for light beer and dark beer set 602 crowns. For the serving of domestic draft beer, 8 crowns 40 Heller was for light beer and dark beer 8 crowns 80 Heller per liter set. For the serving of domestic bottled beer in the half litre bottle, 4 crowns 70 Heller was for light beer and dark beer 5 crowns and 30 Heller. On the 29th October 1920 the producer price for 1 liter set carriage station Vienna with 6 crowns and 80 Heller new. Beef and veal with 29.Janner 1920 have been regulated as the retail price for beef. In particular, they were Regulated prices for beef and veal offal. The individual regulations for veal designed are as follows: 1 kg boneless steak meat and Sweetbreads: 38 crowns; 1 kg rear Kalbfleisch(Schlegel, Nierenbraten ohne Wammel, Schlussbraten): 31 crowns; 1 kg front veal (shoulder, chest, neck, loin, Wammel): 26 CZK 50 Heller; 1 kg of calf’s tongue: 14 crowns. The individual regulations for veal offal are proving to be as follows: 1 kg veal Lung (lung and heart): 12 crowns. 1 kg calf’s liver and spleen: 24 crowns; 1 kg calf’s head with tongue and brain: 14 CZK; 1 kg of calf brain: 14 CZK; 1 kg Kalbsfusse: 6 crowns; 1 kg veal tripe: 12 crowns. 27 April 1920 was regulates the retail sale price for beef and veal. The prices for beef and beef offal, veal and veal offal have been regulated in detail. The individual regulations on beef and veal is designed as follows: 1 kg front with Zuwage: 62 crowns; 1 kg rear with Zuwage: 72 crowns; 1 kg Roast pieces (Striploin, tenderloin, sirloin) but without Zuwage: 90 crowns; 1 kg beef tongue raw: 60,-CZK; 1 kg beef tongue gepockelt: 64 crowns; 1 kg beef tongue geselcht: 66 crowns. The individual regulations on beef offal are proving to be as follows: 1 kg of beef Lung (lung and heart): 30 CZK. 1 kg beef liver and spleen: 30 crowns; 1 kg beef brain: 48 crowns; 1 kg beef kidneys: 30 crowns; 1 kg cow’s udder raw: 15 CZK; 1 kg cooked cow’s udder: 30 crowns; 1 kg Fleckzeug clean: 10 CZK; 1 kg Fleckzeug cleaned and cooked: 18 crowns. The prices for beef and veal offal have been regulated in detail. The individual regulations for veal designed are as follows: 1 kg boneless steak meat and Sweetbreads: 70 crowns; 1 kg rear Kalbfleisch(Schlegel, Nierenbraten ohne Wammel, Schlussbraten): 58 crowns. 1 kg front veal (shoulder, chest, neck, loin, Wammel): 48 crowns; 1 kg of calf’s tongue: 30 crowns. The individual regulations for veal offal are proving to be as follows: 1 kg Calf Lung (lung and heart): 30 crowns; 1 kg calf’s liver and spleen: 40 crowns; 1 kg calf’s head with tongue and brain: 24 crowns; 1 kg calf’s head without tongue and brain: 20 Crowns; 1 kg of calf brain: 40 crowns; 1 kg Kalbsfusse clean: 10 CZK; 1 kg veal tripe: 15 crowns. A production contract for the base price of the potato was set potato and fish with September 3, 1920. The production contract with 140 crowns set potato for a hundredweight of metres in the years of 1920 harvested appropriately dry, Earth – and sterile, natural grown. Thus, the ubernahmspreis of the Austrian Institute of cereals per meter Zentner was set after the 15 August 1920 with 1,020 crowns supplied Rundkartoffeln(Spatkartoffeln) with 340 crowns and Kipfler. The maximum prices established on October 8, 1918 for freshwater fish were abrogated in 1920 in turn by 13.Juli. Pigs, pork and pork fat with 03.Janner 1920 set the prices for young and adjusting pigs from 1919 override. With 29.Janner 1920 set maximum prices for the retail sale of pork. For Saha, shoulder and crested roast 72 CZK / kg for loin 80 crowns per kg, for ribs and belly meat 66 crowns per kg and for pig heads 16 CZK / kg. On 27 April 1920 the maximum prices for the retail sale of pork from the 29.Janner were abrogated in 1920 in turn.

Interesting Alternative

How micro-credit by private even if interest rates are currently as low as never before, it is still difficult to get a cheap loan, if it has insufficient collateral. Without regular income or sufficient other values such as life insurance, real estate and various securities, most banks give no credit, not even for small sums of money. Even if the interest rates on personal loans are usually higher, this option may still be worth it. Because who needs only a small amount of money and quickly want to pay them back, on this wise financial flexibility. The comparatively high interest rates into perspective with the small runtime. There are various Internet platforms on which individuals lend. Smava work and before you opt for a personal loan, you should explore of course all other options Auxmoney. An objective comparison of credit (E.g.

here) provides an initial overview of the market interest rates. For personal loans There is in Germany two platform that are recommended by Stiftung Warentest: Smava and Auxmoney. Before you can contact the private funders in contact, must register but at the Agency. Before the actual loan application, the provider checks your credit rating. Questions about assets must be answered here carefully.

Of course the SCHUFA belongs to the credit check request, without which you can get from private no credit. A loan request may be made after a positive creditworthiness check. To do this you should set out as detailed and plausible, what the money is for. Consumer credit will be rejected more often, private money lenders are more willing to finance useful published purchases such as for example a company car as a holiday trip. Then, you specify also the maximum interest rate they are willing to pay. More donors are interested in your application, the likelihood is greater that a comparatively get cheap offer. The credit is comprised usually of several instalments. Many private lenders together pay it so this whole. The personal loan a risk premium can be payable in most cases require a risk premium over the possible loan losses should be compensated the agencies in addition to the interest. This aspect is also interesting for private investors who lends money to individuals about Smava and Auxmoney, enters a low risk, because the agencies loan losses offset? The yields are not interesting, by the way, they are above market interest rates on savings. How much is the credit? Although interest rates above the Smava and Auxmoney agencies can be set in the principle itself, but the chances of getting a loan are in fact low, when to choose the maximum interest rate too low. Only if is worth the investment for the donors, is also investing. So it is one of the disadvantages of personal loans, that the interest normally exceed the level of the Bank. On average paying 10% at the two major agencies around. In some cases, it can come but at interest rates of up to 16%. For this reason, the personal loan is an option especially if quick and easy money is required and the banks deny a loan. Pay attention to possible short term, then the higher interest rates are more bearable.

Wallpaper Personalize Walls

Get with wallpaper space a particular flair especially during the cooler season, if it is outside rather dark and the days are no longer suitable for the leisure time in the garden or on the Lake, it is important that invite your own four walls to feel good. Wallpaper play an important role in interior design. Hardly any other design element has such a large influence on the design of the room, like the wallpaper. Whether classical baroque wallpapers, romantic country house wallpaper, or modern retro wallpaper, wall tile determines the appearance. With a little imagination and creativity, rooms are a very personal touch.

Other performances other wallpapers everyone prefers other patterns and colors. The design of the walls changed with the life situation and the age of the apartment dwellers. The huge range of wallpaper and borders offers a wide variety of today certain everyone will find his wallpaper. The white walls you refrain from most now. These are just boring and cold. Anyone who believes that with uniform white To achieve a brighter room walls, is wrong. White walls are bland and sterile.

Space a obtained wallpapers especially ambience. Not without reason, the wallpaper long celebrating her comeback. There are probably no other design element, which so deeply affects the mood of the room, like wallpapers and borders. Free desktop wallpapers bring flair to rooms wallpapers draw everyone’s attention. In the meantime also designer press increasingly their pattern wall tiling. Not always all the walls in the room must be equipped with a wallpaper. Already a wall in trendy patterns or a few laps with exclusive colors shine the room in the new light. Furniture and accessories can be used with such a background better in scene. Meanwhile, there are also patterns that look like a real art at wallpaper. Wall-paper will receive art character, only a certain area of the wall with them will be decorated. Get exciting depth effects, if designed niches with wall-paper. No niche in the room who achieved the same effect with a wallpapered Panel, before the actual wall set will. Wallpapers affect room perspectives that can not only smart look wallpaper, but whole room perspectives change, many have long known. Vertical wallpapers make small rooms appear larger, a dark blanket makes a cosy rooms with high ceilings and decorative walls give distance small rooms. So cheap, you can change the proportions of a room with wallpaper. Since the diverse, to create a real oasis from a room according to your own requirements opportunities for area residents. Wallpaper creations offer new prospects who want to realize himself and his individuality in a room, must commit themselves to the wallpaper. Wallpapers are stylistic. Extraordinary motives, different patterns, and bold color combinations provide a sensation in all rooms. Wallpapers in a variety of such presented themselves at any time. Courage to the color and patterns is a trend. The individual room design is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Individualists will find in the today’s range of wallpaper and Borders the ideal basis for interior design.

EASYDENTIC: Team ORECA Matmut Participates In

EASYDENTIC supports the team to pilot Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval Mannheim in October 2009 – the team ORECA Matmut, where also the security company EASYDENTIC participates as a sponsor, takes part 1000 km race from Okayama in Japan on 31 October and on 1 November in the. The race takes place in the framework of the establishment of the Asian Le Mans Series by the ACO instead of model are the Le Mans-Championships in the United States and Europe. On the occasion of this historic premiere, also the team ORECA Matmut supported by EASYDENTIC shows presence. EASYDENTIC engaged long time in car racing and was able to celebrate some success with the ORECA team. The ORECA 01 cars will be on the official poster of the event to the Okayama 1000 km race. The goal of the team ORECA Matmut, supported by EASYDENTIC is an ideal preparation for the Le Mans 24-hour race in 2010.

In preparation for this traditional races in the French Le Mans it belongs to so many, with the participation of new Championships and races before the season break Experience as possible. According to the team ORECA Matmut EASYDENTIC partner is a strategy that is successful. This race in Okayama offers its pilots the team ORECA Nicolas Lapierre and Loic Duval again the opportunity to gain valuable experience. Lapierre had one outstanding season behind him and Duval again reinforced the team ORECA Matmut after taking part in the 24-hour race of Le Mans 2008 and after his victory in the formula NIPPON 2009 the Japanese equivalent to the GP2 series in Europe according to EASYDENTIC. The Le Mans Series, the Okayama 1000 km race held in its frame, enjoys in Asia in General and Japan in particular greatest notoriety. Therefore, it is very important to be at this event, the front for the team ORECA Matmut EASYDENTIC partner. EASYDENTIC has set a goal together with the ORECA team: EASYDENTIC wants to take over the leadership in the field of security systems in 2010, the racing team wants to put in Le Mans at the top.


What makes a woman more attractive, more mysterious, more brightly? Of course, beauty! There are no such representatives of the fair sex, the beautician who did not have to lipstick, mascara, shadows. Perhaps the desire to be even more beautiful inherent in their genes. The word "cosmetics>> Greek origin and means" the art of decorating>>. The modern concept of it has increased significantly. So now referred to as complex products on oral care, hair and skin to prevent and eliminate defects and prevent premature aging. At the present time, when personal hygiene was the ordinary household phenomenon, and the industry offers many drugs, selecting the right products – the problem is very complicated. Modern production is not limited to lipstick and powder.

The main task of the same make-up is to maintain a healthy body and care for them, ie, improve its natural form. Relationship of the human body with the environment occurs through the skin. This communication is carried out through a system of nerves, blood vessels, sebaceous and sweat glands. Before you choose any facility for the care necessary to determine its type. Samsung insists that this is the case. It is normal, dry, oily and combination.

Each has its own individual characteristics. Create the effect of freshness, youth, face and neck helps women's powder. It is a powder mixture of organic and mineral substances. It is used not only for the guidance of beauty, but also for protection from harmful atmospheric effects. The main thing is to make the right choice. Please be aware that normal skin body-pink, smooth, elastic and very tolerant of washing with soap and water. On cigarette paper leaves a slightly greasy track. The dry type is slightly pink in color, usually easily irritated and sensitive to water, soap, cold and precipitation. Prematurely loses its elasticity. Bold has the same form a yellowish color with a grayish tinge, enlarged pores, acne often, shiny, shiny, often inflamed. More information is housed here: Mashable. Choose for yourself only relevant products, and then you will always look great. In order to improve the color of a person does not necessarily apply a thick layer of foundation. Sometimes it is take a powder. It lightens the skin, giving it a matte finish. This is the best way to combat shine on his face, perfectly absorbing sweat and grease separation, it makes the skin velvet, peach>>. She also effectively masks the weaknesses such as pores, shallow scars, pigment spots, etc. The attractiveness of women do not always depend on her natural abilities. Choosing the right lipstick can dramatically change the appearance of the kind of woman, to emphasize the beauty of her lips and hide flaws. The art of adjusting a person with makeup does not require professionalism. Having gained little skill, this task can easily handle any girl. A sufficiently large influence on the choice of cosmetics and fashion trends have. They are capricious and changeable. If this season in preference to red color, it is natural and lipstick should be juicy, bright shades, but if the ball ruled brown, women usually opt for the quieter tones. Thus, when creating a certain image and style must take into account all the details.

Internal Organs

In a healthy person, impulses from receptors of the internal organs, or interoreceptors, in contrast to the pulse of the senses, located on the outer surface of the body, not the basis of his experiences and formation of consciousness. Only the portion of centripetal impulses from sensory organs located on the outer surface of the body that reaches the cerebral hemispheres of the brain, causing them nervous process a certain intensity and complexity, perceived by the person in the form of sensations. The relationship of the human psyche and the higher nervous activity. Dermot McCormack insists that this is the case. The psyche has a reflex nature, and is the result of a particularly complex activity of the cerebral hemispheres. Read additional details here: Zendesk. The human psyche is a reflection of his usual form of brain objects and phenomena of the material world, and in some cases, such as violations of the functions and internal diseases, and physical processes inside the body.

Knowledge begins with experience, which is the simplest mental process, the specific subjective way the external objective world. Feelings arise with the direct action of various forms of motion on the receptors, the senses. From sensations in the human brain is a transition to the formation of concepts, ideas as abstract, form as well as mental images do not contain matter reflected objects. But because mental images are the properties of the material processes of the human brain, they can influence physiological processes occurring in his body. Unlike animals, the brain, which reflects only the physical phenomena and objects of nature, the human mind reflects his social life. The human psyche formed in his social work has a social and historical origins. Therefore, and reflect the nature of man is very different from its reflection of the animals..