On the PC – threatened malware files and the files on a PC are permanently at risk email traffic and not only due to hardware failures. Unfortunately, computers are also a target for hackers? Program these malicious software, which then drives their mischief on your PC. But already there are not only viruses that threaten your computer. Risks among others by Trojans, keyloggers and spyware. Viruses the viruses are probably best known malicious software. They can cause theoretically much damage on the PC by deleting such as hard disks. Send other viruses they are relatively reliable rendered harmless by virus scanner.

Trojan Trojans are not as aggressive as viruses and cause no damage for the first time. The name is derived from the Trojan horse. Since Trojan running mostly in the background and spy out data. These data (such as passwords) are then piped in the background. Steve Wozniak will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Trojans are often installed with useful software. Keylogger this kind of malicious software logs all keystrokes, makes it to the PC and can.

To the Defense against malicious software, there are several countermeasures. Virus scanner is an absolute must to the PC using a virus scanner. He regularly checked the PC for malicious software and makes it harmless. Still, a virus scanner analyzes new files and incoming mails, and their attachments. Firewall a firewall is essential on a PC. If it is connected to the Internet also, hackers from the outside on your own PC can be accessed in principle. This prevented a firewall. In principle, it prevents all kinds of not-desired Kommnuikation. Tips against viruses & co save you your data regularly. Peter Asaro takes a slightly different approach. Use a backup utility to copy your own files on a different hard disk or DVD. Don’t forget your emails. When you retrieve your emails with Outlook or Thunderbird they are just waiting for the hard drive. A backup save irreplaceable information and contacts! A backup of a Thunderbird backup is done quickly. Because the data are all Compact in a profile file that applies to secure it. Despite all security measures more care must be taken. Download anything from Web pages, whose Anbieter don’t you know. Because she can be programmed to and in addition to install malicious software free software.

Nicole Koerber

OASYS certified PoINT Archiver for file archiving IBC 2011, booth 8.B38d – Aylesbury, England, September 7, 2011. OASYS and the PoINT Software & Systems GmbH today announced that OASYS has certified the PoINT Archiver collaboration software with its software-based, automated playout solution for file archiving on tape and optical media. In the video and broadcasting industry, data storage is increasingly an essential element of any complete workflow solution. Additional hard disk space, which must be powerful and highly available for playout solutions, can be very expensive. The required capacity of this extremely expensive high – performance drive systems can be reduced through the use of the software PoINT Archiver because such as large video files on low-cost storage media such as LTO-5 can be archived.

According to defined playlists the OASYS solution can then call directly advance the needed files from tape, to ensure a continuous transmit mode. The also for the PoINT Archiver available software development kit integration also allows a multi-tiered storage management functionality. The combination of OASYS software with the PoINT Archiver solution lets customers capacity increase at the same time reduced storage costs without sacrificing speed or quality”, says Mark Errington, CEO, OASYS. “” This is a significant addition to our workflow, and we are very pleased to work together with the team of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH.”Dateibasierte archiving and HSM (hierarchical storage management) offer huge potential savings, particularly in the area of digital broadcast”, explains Bernd Klee, CEO of PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. and the seamless workflow that is created in conjunction with our PoINT Archiver by OASYS, simplifies the management of extremely large video archive.” The combined solution will be available from September 2011. About OASYS OASYS is a leader for over 20 years in the transition to software-based playout solutions. We have to recognise the benefits of using IT and the latest video card technology and implement powerful playout software solutions that are easily scalable, maintainable and flexible. Our latest software innovation benefits from our extensive experience to provide reliable on-air operation using computer-aided radio technology.

Our solutions are used worldwide. Of our customers, we know that our software and our support will mean a substantial difference in the day-to-day operations. More information, see point the PoINT Software & Systems GmbH, Siegen, is specialized in the development of software products and system solutions for the storage and management of data on all available mass storage devices, such as hard disks, magnetic tapes and optical media. A close cooperation enables the early with leading hardware manufacturers Support for new storage technologies. In addition to complete solutions PoINT offers its expertise in the form of toolkits, which can easily be integrated into other applications with their programming interface. In addition, projected PoINT complete storage solutions and stands with his long and varied experience available. The home PoINT products are sold by about 50 partners in over 25 countries worldwide and have proven so far more than two million installations.


At the Emballage 2008 technology producer Bizerba from Balingen presents from November 17 to 21 soft – and hardware components Balingen, November 13, 2008 – at the Emballage 2008, an international packaging exhibition in Paris, the technology producer Bizerba from Balingen presents from November 17 to 21 soft – and hardware components that help to optimize packaging processes and checked. The checkweigher CWE 3000 of the checkweigher CWE 3000 prevents getting faulty packaging in circulation. He weighs and classifies up to 350 packs per minute according to freely defined or legally prescribed weight classes. A metal detector check this also on metallic impurities. Via two pushers faulty packages can be excreted directly from the production. The production data can the software _statistics.BRAIN on the server is stored and creates statistics for all levels of management. Unwanted deviations can thus without great loss of time in the production processes to intervene and thus optimize the throughput and disagreeable reworking as well as Committee share be reduced.

This continuous documentation of the weight and quality parameters makes the checkweigher CWE 3000 MD a quality assurance instrument for producers, not least because with its help significantly reduce the number of complaints. At goods receipt ST spot checks you can make with the help of the precision transducer HR 5100 and the Terminal. The data can also directly to the _statistics.BRAIN server delivered. The DWS system In the field of logistics is becoming increasingly important to calculate not only the weight of a package, but also their volume to it. Bizerba in an innovative system combines the processes of dimensioning, weighing and scanning (DWS). How it works: A scanner identifies the product through the bar code.

The dynamic flow scales CWL-B4. 1 of the subsidiary PESA weighs the product then, line speeds of 2.75 meters per second are possible. The volume measuring system VMS520 of company sick the height determined in the next step.

Teach A Dog To Sit

Before addressing the issue of teaching a dog to sit, we are going to teach your dog to come to you maybe you missed as many people that have a dog for the first time, often frustrated each time that they tell to his but come! and the friend alli stays at with face of not understanding that you are trying to tell you. If you would like to teach a dog to come to you? Unfortunately, dogs don’t understand the commands by instinct is something that many people who have dog can not understand! A good way to start to teach him to respond to the command come! is to say see! every time the dog moves in the direction where these you. Then reward it and caress it for having come toward you, even without that necessarily have done so in response to your command. Teach your dog to go to where your are this way makes that training is less intense and creates a very comforting situation both for you and for your dog. And now we teach your dog to sit! As teaching a? dog sit? The command sit! or sit! is usually one of the first people to teach your new dog. Ali Partovi contains valuable tech resources.

However, personally I think that it is more convenient to learn first to go towards you – with the command come! we explained above and then teach him to sit before offering the reward. Teach a dog to sit is simple, but must be done with patience and dedication. Always reward your dog every time that it succeeds. Instead of simply pressing for down in the back of the spine and force him to sit – usual-, considered placing a hand there and the other under her breast, gently, then tell her sit! (remember that you don’t need to shout, but if using a tone of authority) while applying slight pressure to down in the back area and up in the chest area. Reward your dog with caresses, flattery and any cookie! when hit the goal. OK already is now want to know how to make your dog stays in place when your order is How many times do we need that! Once you’ve achieved that you feel, you’re ready to learn how to stay in your site. If you would like to teach a dog who stays on your site? Place your dog in position sitting and reward him with a cookie.

Now place your hand in front of the dog’s snout (without touching it), and di Quietus!. Begins to recede back by hand always forward. Di sake! if your dog stays at the site and allow you to go towards you for your reward after a few seconds. Each time that you repeat this process successfully, increases the time interval until you get your dog to stay at the site for a full minute. Always reward him with their cookies, caresses and praise for a job well done. It is preferable to carry out this training in a quiet place, however you can alternate practice at home and in a public park to reinforce Quietus! means staying on the site regardless of the environment where it can receive the command. I am Marcelo Perez, and I congratulate you for your progress!

Eurojuris Spain Shares

Valuation and desirability of a concrete legal solution several authors have criticized the categorical prohibition of financial assistance for the acquisition of shares/shares provided in our commercial legislation, primarily because the LBO and the consequent employment of corporate indebtedness can cater to the fulfillment of objectives or corporate restructuring formulas perfectly legitimate. Indeed, as pointed out by Vaquerizo Alonso, the premium paid to the new majority shareholder within the framework of the LBO should not be understood necessarily as an impairment heritage or a theft to society, because that would mean ignoring the beneficial effects planned by the operation and you are necessarily reflected in the greater value of shares/units at the time of the acquisition. Such surcharge may be reflection of new expectations of future returns of emerging company following the restructuring that normally brings with it the replacement of control most, so for example, reducing operating costs, a better utilization of social resources derived from changes in management, etc. But this does not imply that need to ignore the huge potential of the LBO to generate conflicts of interest between those who promote them and those who are affected by them despite their lack of intervention in them, still undeniable that a large part of the risk associated with the operation is supported by the creditors. Hence the desirability for the legislator to establish legal solutions to problems which can generate the LBO, which would be – for example – the establishment of a regime of subordination of credits, so latter on charging to the pre-existing creditors to LBO operation against the creditor who participated in their planning. Mariano Jimenez Renedo member of Eurojuris Spain original author and source of the article.

Online-marketing: Social Networks & Co

Social media marketing – what measures are covered by this term? What networks and tools are there? Who uses them, and what makes this kind of marketing so special? The speaker informs about the advertising possibilities of Web 2.0 and provides suggestions on how you can contact your company away from traditional ways in the scene based on practical examples. The Dec Jens Schluter explains in his lecture in the Ludenscheid based development and GrunderCentrum about the advertising possibilities of Web 2.0 and provides suggestions on how you can best put his company away from traditional ways in scene based on practical examples. Participants will learn what legal things in the tweet in addition to the basics of social marketing among other things, what the most important social networks, how does microblogging, how to install touch points,”are to take into account how you successfully connected its presence on the Web 2.0. Social network users take advantage of the active”stronger media and contact in the prime time more and more by long-established Emotionalisierungs media, such as the ‘TV’ off. Now it is clear that over 70% of the ROI of a social network campaign due to effects of the users C2C (customer to customer). With the right strategy you can this user as a credible advocate for products or services gain and create such an intense identification for brands and companies. Add to your understanding with Mashable. Jens Schluter knows the online market since the first hour”and has collaborated in 1998 on the internal design and restructuring a large online community for the German-speaking market. He started as a graphic designer and recognized expert in online marketing a few years ago to incorporate results of modern brain research in its online marketing and visualization concepts, to develop more effective and emotionally more clearly positioned media. Today social networks (social networks) and the use of these marketing tools in the corporate communications are a focus of the Agency in the online segment. This lecture It is aimed at all those who want to learn more about social media marketing and insert these “Tools” for your corporate marketing. Information and registration:

Mortal Games

My camera was super powerful, exorcizava any ghost with only one photo. I advanced very fast in the game. When I entered for a door that finishes to break the stamp appeared animation where my personage takes a scare with matilha of ghosts come in its direction. Everything happened at the same time where my wife opened the pleated door with force making to roar the biggest racket. I scared myself jumping of the sofa, my heart went off, it still was half zonza and was looking at me in way doubtful. GoPro HD is often quoted as being for or against this. Espreguiou. I raised and I was in its direction. Gave one hugs while it to it me retribua in the same way.? It is dreaming bad things and still it is playing Fatal Frame.

I want to see you me to wake up the night that to play I go you for it are of the window.? Relax love, you do not go to wake up you.? I only want to see. After a gostosa ducha, together we take the coffee of the morning and were to brush teeth. We would go for Anime of tomorrow, sunday, in the Tatuap, and my wife would make cosplay of one of the personages of the Fatal game Frame. We mark to leave in that day to buy the things that lacked for the event. The day any passed normal as another one. During the night, before sleeping, we attend the film Mortal Games.

It seems irony to have a nightmare and still to be playing and attending terror films. It did not have the custom to have bad dreams exactly being made an impression with cinematographic scenes, but that night promised to be different of all the others. We were sleeping and again I woke up, of the nothing, silence pairava on the atmosphere of the room. A man with a black tnica appeared covered its body and with a pointed hood it hid its face.

Mircea Eliade

We see profane acts for the language of the religions, but accepted for these, since its myths espelham and are determinative of its devoradoras realities while of the pecaminosas souls. Mircea Eliade (P. 47) comments that They are Toms de Aquino constructs to the man the perfect image of God. Voltaire says that it is difficult to imagine so high egocentrismo, where the man understands that God being its image must have difficulties in seeing this leaving a woman and for so natural ways. The beliefs of that some men were different and possuam forces capable to fight against the good and the evil became them half-deuses men generating mythology Greek. Said histories move in the course of the time and the religious institutions always tend to want to find meanings and answers for what scientifically they do not obtain.

The faith if establishes as unconditional force of answers. For Eliade (2000 P. 58) to create a popular hero; collective imagination was enough to a particularly heroic event it assimilating and identifying with arqutipo traditional (…). For it the collective memory, that is; the memory of the historical events and the authentic personages modifies it the end of two or three centuries, in order to be able to participate in the model of the archaic mentality, that cannot accept the individual one and alone it conserves the unit. This reduction of the events the categories and the individualities the arqutipos, effected by the conscience of the European popular layers until almost to our days, is processed in agreement eats archaic ontologia. It could be said that the popular memory restitutes to the historical personage of the modern times its meaning of mimic of arqutipo and reproductive of the arqutipos gestures meant this of that the members of the archaic societies were and continue conscientious, but that it was forgotten.

Social Networks

Influence a person is to transmit our own soul.Oscar Wilde introduction cannot be denied, the great boom that has been generated from the moment they arise social networks, that they involve in many topics, where those who compose them, maintain a proactive dynamic communication on different topics of educational social, technological, political life among others. Since then, they can be used in other areas such as that mentioned in his contribution Wharthon Universia with regard to companies, topical that interests us much. The fact, that at the present time we cannot ignore them, since with the advance of information technology, communications does not have limitations on borders, can reach in fractions of minutes all over this globe world. Therefore, it is important to delve into the scope, implications arising from this opening that provides social networking, certainly within the ethical and moral rules. Scope keywords, information, groups, companies, networks of Business Overview and basic considerations in an interesting analysis on this topic, wharton.universia.net, gives us, that programs such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn have become a widespread means of exchanging information and organizing life for families and groups of friends, or strangers.

Now, companies also want to explore these resources to improve productivity, collaboration and communication in the work among its employees. Various software manufacturers are also waiting for it to become the bridge that realize the integration of social networks with companies. Question the source of information brought, the effort will be worth? Will it work? IDC research firm provides that the world market for social platforms will increase from $630 million, in 2011, US $18.600 million in 2014. But, although the creators of the idea greet the displacement of the business sector towards a more social approach and consider it the beginning of a new era that It will change the manner in which enterprises deal with employees, skeptics say that everything can stay in a simple trick to help software companies sell more products.

Album Properties

Authoring discWelder do quickly and easily. Despite its simplicity, the results can be quite good, can not be, but it depends on you. discWelder professional tool and mastering all the features in the area of DVD-Audio authoring You can do anything you want. discWelder chrome ii – the program to create and burn DVD-Audio discs, Chrome – the most sophisticated version (at a price of 95). discWelder able to create hybrid discs DVD-Audio/DVD-Video with complex interactive menus.

The starting files use wav, aiff, and MLP-files. discWelder allows you to create a multi-channel (up to six channels, 24 bit / 96 ) and stereo (24 bits, up to 192 ) DVD-Audio. Of course, there are some limitations to the imagination, but my imagination, for example, there does not even fly wants. Thus, instructions for working with discWelder. As I said, everything here is very simple, the need for the existence of such instructions are not great, many will manage without it, but some may come in handy. At installation I will not stop, then follow the instructions the installer instructions included with the installation program readme.txt.

DiscWelder to easily install on your computer, and, despite what you may not have paid 95, they will work like a clock. Additional information at Mikkel Svane supports this article. Run the program, here it is true he (discWelder translated as "drive welder). DiscWelder interface simple and uncomplicated all consist of standard gui components: the main menu buttons with pictures on the panel and three windows (Impression that the program was written in Delphi). Before you start authoring, you should prepare tracks of the future DVD-Audio. Tracks can be in wav, aiff or mlp format. By "prepare" we mean that they should be ready to record, discWelder not able to perform any manipulation inside the audio file, it does not sound editor, so everything that you wanted to do with sound (noise reduction, normalization and other mastering) must be made prior to authoring. Better if Tracks are in one folder, then do not have to hunt them all over the disk. In the left window discWelder, which, incidentally, reminiscent of the Explorer window, select the folder where are we ready to record tracks (audio files). Once folder is selected, the files are displayed in the right window discWelder. By clicking the mouse on each file in turn, put them into our project. Files can also be one move, taking out the right window, delete the folder Group # 1 in the bottom window discWelder. Folder Group # 1 automatically created for the first selected in the draft track. Other tracks are placed in the same folder as Group # 1, or a new folder that is created by selecting from the shortcut menu, right-click New group. Create a different folder discWelder useful when the DVD-Audio is planned to place more than one album, then tracks of each album placed in a separate folder, and disk space to create their own menu. In discWelder folder groups can also be cleaned from the tracks, delete and rename, these actions are chosen from the context menu. Now that we have chosen the tracks for the record, they all appear in the lower window discWelder. Proceed to design the navigation of our DVD-Audio. To do this, select the shortcut Album Properties menu item or click on the top row of the lower box Unnamed discWelder. Album Properties window opens Album Properties. To be continued