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There is also the possibility of opting for a membership site. 2. If you would like to know more about Node, then click here. Site design: can resort to a web page designer or use site templates. It is also feasible to use platforms with elaborate templates, such as the, which you can customize with a header and graphics additional. 3. Price: The price of a web site can go from $0 cost for (only paid domain and hosting), up to about $5,000 USD or more for sites designed by a designer or site membership (type templates. 4 Determine Software and additional services that are going to use: it is important to also consider which are going to be additional programs that will want to use.

For example, an autoresponder is indispensable, since it will allow you to train and stay connected with your online community. There are also special software to make audios, videos, etc. B. design of products and/or services that you want to sell must determine what type of product you want to sell and how you want to sell it. You can sell digital books, take courses with teleseminar or video conferences, producing instructional videos, audios, short reports, etc. You can also offer sessions of consulting or coaching in which you offer your services per hour. In general it is recommended to have products with different price levels. Lower prices products are to attract its customers.

It may be a digital book, a series of audio or a membership in a web site. For those customers who want to receive more information from you, you must have a product of intermediate price available. This can be in the form of group courses, teleseminar, or video conferences. You can also make offline conferences that are very useful to gain credibility in your market. Finally, for those customers who wish their exclusive support, you can sell them packages of products linked to a coaching or consulting custom at a higher price.

Computer Aided Design

About more general form one is all person who participates and she is involved in the data processing and information or directly and indirectly. At present character races have been created superior, technical and average level that have the purpose of creating professionals in the field of Computer science and Computation. The assigned names can be written according to the region or respective country according to a minor or major reach that the person obtains during her formation; thus then we can find Professional, Technical Races and of mean level eg: DEGREE IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Form professional of Computer science with capacity to carry out duties of direction, administration and accountants with a high performance in covering and understanding the needs of the company. ENGINEERING IN SCIENCES OF the COMPUTATION Is the personnel in charge To construct computer systems of general intention, To optimize operation of systems of calculation by means of the planning, organization, discharge direction and supervision of projects of computed, using for it its scientific, methodologic knowledge, and the bibliographical technicians, as well as resources that the Internet offers; counting in addition on a high knowledge in the internal architecture to the computer, as well as the programming of its component interns. ENGINEER IN DIGITAL GRAPHICAL DESIGN is in charge to develop projects of high digital graphic content, by means of a professional Formation focused especially to the design, implementation and evaluation of interactive computer technology to represent graph, line of vision and auditorily the systems and processes of the eg: videojuegos organizations, animation, models 3D, simulators, virtual reality, etc. DESIGN AND MANUFACTURE COMPUTER-ASSISTED CAD/CAM, process in which the computers are used to improve the manufacture, development and design of products. The systems of Design Attended by Computer (CAD, acronym of Computer Aided Design) can be used to generate models with many, if not all, of the characteristics of a certain product. .