Immigrants In Centre

Complaints are heard throughout the streets of the capital of Spain. Immigrants who are stopped by the police to identify . If they have arrested and they are opening a file removal. Immigrant associations and NGOs described as a inadmissible evidence the persecution they are undergoing the immigrants, since they do not have papers does not mean losing the dignity and fundamental human rights.

The news that the Madrid police had orders to arrest a number of immigrants each week caused a stir among politicians and created some alarm. Agents were ordered to arrest at least 35 people a without papers . However, some police officials have explained that quotas arrests are a new thing and that the identifications by the color of skin and way of speaking have been held in Madrid for 14 . Officials also contend that, knowing that there are people in irregular situations, identifying only people can find out whether or not the immigrants situation. A TIME organizations or SOS Racism, however, already denounced this situation for few years. These measures are far from creating a sense of security among citizens and even in Lavatories, where there is a high rate of foreign population, there was a protest against police harassment of these people. The immigrant population has grown significantly in recent years in Spain. More than five million immigrants now live in this country.

Car Alarms Are Very Important

Ever thought of how the uncertainty of his car when left on the road every time without a self-sufficient alarm system? Being above average personal expensive properties, cars are much more prone to theft. Therefore, your car, billions of dollars is a lot like a ripe melon to any potential thief that there is no way of knowing that the car is safe or not. The general term for any mechanical device can be used for protection of their cars and their information in the event of any situation is. A car alarm system, depending on how investing in them, ensuring the protection of their cars, and to report them to any danger through various forms, effective to varying degrees. In the market you can come across a series of car alarms, or it may be just sirens, engine immobilizers or even lock the door and car immobilization systems.

Also, depending entirely how sophisticated the system is to install, the installation can be simple enough for yourself to overcome or you need professional help to install it. Remember that the more sophisticated your alarm system, the more difficult for a thief to decipher. Depending entirely on how your sophisticated choice is, or may need professional help to install the system or be able to easily install yourself. Even the most expensive of the systems in some cases be less competent than a cheaper system in a good position to put great thought, while deciding what was best systems to your specifications. Last but not least, remember to only invest as much as your car deserves, it would be an exaggeration to install the safety cutting edge of a vehicle worth less price the security system. Not going to get his car as an expensive alarm system as soon as you leave your car on the road the Next time you find your burglar alarm system.

Fraud Within Companies

University Professor, Business Advisory and Financial Expert Guayaquil-Ecuador AUDIT STATUS (Internal Audit Fraud) “Fraud is a matter of behavior and values” The Audit Status, is being increasingly required by the corporate governance of public and private entities, because many companies are losing their financial position by internal fraud assets that perform their own employees and directors for embezzlement, and misappropriation of goods or services.

The fraud within companies has become widespread in the world and the most difficult to investigate and punish, the arrangements are so varied, ranging from the most simple and naive as the destruction or loss of documentation, even the most sophisticated in creating of financial accounting devices accounting games with the accounts of assets and liabilities and results, ie an entire re-engineering using available means as technology advances; this goes far beyond our own imagination, by the mere fact of occupying a leading position to make decisions where the trust of their managers and society is no longer a real value a duty and responsibility worst code of ethics that should met. Since then the employee loyalty to companies has deteriorated, and employers and managers have very low awareness of the problem. This prevents them from taking action simple and easy to apply to reduce this loss of profitability and confidence. The Audit Status .- It is defined as an audit to investigate and inquire into the illicit enrichment of employees and executives in an attacking internal fraud, as reflected in the reports of legal liability.

The Good Relations Between Venezuela And Brazil

You can not ignore what Brazil represents in relation to opportunities, benefits, and strengths for Venezuela. It has many weaknesses in their production systems, given the cessation of many companies that have destabilized the domestic market and forced the current revolutionary government, is the import identification, leading the country into a situation with those countries highly dependent on their supplies on products not manufactured in the country, this is the case with Brazil to I demand that many products.

The professor of international trade in MBA program, mentioning Faces markets, University de Carabobo, can not ignore, pass unnoticed this issue, given the relevance, impact scope that generates, especially when Brazil is a major player dela MERCOSUR , Alianza Venezuela has been struggling to integrate. Hasdrubal participant reminds us is considered to Hague between both countries, and extensive common borders, vast energy resources, human potential throughout history have been expressed in the scientific field of economic thought, social and political, a rich cultural creation, vast land crossed by impressive bodies of water , natural resources, vast seas that open communications, weather stable, the entire amount of possibilities for the prosperity of our peoples. Contradictory ways, this impressive physical and human potential, is now a backdrop of poverty.

Here is the chance to meet it successfully: integrate our strengths to overcome and overcome our shortcomings in the path toward unity and prosperity. Venezuela and Brazil materialize the implementation of the Strategic Alliance, which covers areas such as energy, oil, gas, mining, taxation and customs, covering areas such as energy, oil, gas, mining, taxation and customs, finance, industry and commerce , family farming and land reform, tourism, technical cooperation, aquaculture and fisheries, science and technology, communication and information, military cooperation, among others.

Industrial Engineering

Of course, ultimately, how the values are presented is a matter of personal taste and mine in particular applied to any profession are: I believe that both humans and nature have intrinsic value and deserve our respect. I think that products safe, effective, are in fact safe and effective. I think the company and the unique and valuable products are those that can sustain these genuine qualities with an ongoing commitment to transfer of innovation and creativity. I think we have a responsibility to cultivate the best possible relations with our colleagues, customers, owners, suppliers and community. I think we should give the company a safe and satisfying work environment that is an opportunity to grow and learn. I believe that companies can achieve financial success and behave in a socially and environmentally responsible constantly adapting to a changing environment. Notes a Pinata, you have to align with company business values as the values held by the companies will be increasingly important in consumption decisions of the people and the quality of staff is able to attract the end is what marketing is all about Kyosei.

The action plan begins to start being a player and not a spectator of a game that makes us partakers of our survival. In short consider that these principles are based on two basic ethical ideals the Kyosie and human dignity. The first is to live and work together for the common good enabling cooperation and mutual prosperity to coexist with healthy and fair competition. For human dignity, understood in this context, the supreme value of the person as an end, not as a means to achieve other goals, including those of the majority. Do not forget that labor mobility, capital, products and technology, makes businesses are becoming more universal in its trade and effects. Laws and market forces are necessary but insufficient guidelines for business conduct principles are: corporate responsibility, beyond the shareholders, to all persons involved in business The social and economic impact of business ; toward innovation, justice and a global community of business behavior: beyond the letter of the law, to a spirit of trust. Respect for the multilateral trade rules support Respect for the environment Prevention of Industrial Engineer-illegal operations manager, lawyer.

The New Era Of SMEs: The Electronic Commerce and Electronic Billing

Since the technology was considered as a tool to facilitate human life, the tools have been created because of it has surprised almost everyone in the last decade. Such is the case of what we know as, same as the new generation will seem a common term, but for those who grew up knowing only the printed invoices validated or official stationery, is an unknown or unfamiliar word. The term “electronic invoice” to all those virtual document that allows individuals or corporations to issue receipts for emission, reception and exchange of any monetary transaction provide. In simple terms, the same bill is common, but in digital form. Although many want to change the old to the new billing system, few people know what are the guidelines to follow to make a smooth and seamless transition.

First, for the individual or entity can issue tax receipts must request a digital electronic signature Advanced FEEL that identifies the sender of the digital document each shipment as ruler of it, automatically granting official recognition to any invoice that is shipped with it. Once you have this electronic signature FEEL proceeds to ask the SAT Electronic Identification Key CIEC Confidential, which will provide our RFC, and other personal data or company. This is the last key that allows access to the system and apply virtual SAT Seal Digital Certificates for Digital Tax Receipts. The benefits accruing to SMEs in the electronic bill is estimated at 80% savings compared to printed annually. In addition, SMEs can eradicate unnecessary costs and time in this entry – such as messaging services – email it becomes the ideal way to transport this type of bill to each customer. The benefits of technology are at our fingertips, electronic invoices to allow us to enter an era in which there is necessary to file each invoice within specific boxes and then make an annual return. No. The files occupy zero virtual office space, and the same software to issue estimated tax bills to be or not to declare, eliminating the margin of error.