Work System

For the Internet the basic tools needed are an appropriate 4.1 Web page. 4.2-Auto responder. 4.3-Newsletter. Hierarchical These tools will make our web business, this well established. 5. Work System: A system meant to work where one starts and where the other ends.

Knowing exactly, if we advance or not. For example: My system is the following: – Training: Study and read newsletters and reports of my competitors or late. -Review emails: I go into the PC and check your mail from customers, answer their concerns and suggestions. -Promotion and Marketing Development, believe and innovative ways to let me know: (Alliances, Benchmarks, Auto-responders, etc.)-Sales: Online and offline, with many promotions and analyze how to sell more. -Follow-up: All my prospects and clients are served almost immediately.

This cycle is repeated and you stick to it for results, otherwise, check my work system, add or remove one. But always changing and improving. 6. Organization: Basically to exist as a company and as individuals. Being organized is essential to our day, to save time, money and energy. Our days organized discipline helps in our work and meet our sheep and goals. We must organize ourselves to meet our working system to meet our goals daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual. Do this component is to live in chaos. 7. Planning: This is the most beautiful work. This is where we see that our working system, the Organization are working. “For example: – With my work system and organization of my company, I plan to arrive in 1 month I sold $ 1,000 dollars, helping in promoting, monitoring, Alliances, Sales Offline, conferences, etc … “The planning also helps us that we can grow as individuals, as a company, where you put your short-and long-term. For example: – Get training in Dream-weaver 7.0 for August. – To acquire more space for September Web-hosting – Enroll in an English academy. You see, these 7 building blocks for success on the Internet are very important and are concatenated to each other, which helps to place in a short time established an internet success.