I am not worried very for not having tilted and well definite muscles or having the body ' ' sarado' ' as the fashion demands. Not me estresso for not possessing a corporal silhouette defended by the cinema, television and magazines of fofoca. I am not worried simply about nothing of this for the fact of not being a marionette of the propagandas of companies of cosmetics, clothes, academies and clinics of aesthetic. That they compel in them to have a body ' ' bombado' ' or magrrimo as if we were stars of the films of Hollywood or stars of passarelas of the FASHIONWEEK. They want that each girl and woman, man and boy if seem the esquelticos models of passarelas of fashion and ' ' Arnold Schwarznegger' ' of the life. But they are worried not by our health but why more products of beauty, plastic vitamins and surgeries want in them to vender each time. Does not exist more place for normal people? Does not exist more place for the simple and mortal people? More place to the sun for the people does not exist who exactly not possessing the silhouette of Barbie or the silhouette of the Brad Pitt they are capable to love, to be loved, to be accepted and to be happy? Is necessary really shape the body to the taste of the academies and the taste of the esteretipos that thresh the body and atrophy the brain? It is necessary really if to dress, to feed, and to maquiar it the taste of the esteretipos that show a false face while they hide the true one behind heavy maquiagem? Still I believe people whom the freedom has to be what they want and not what the others say they to be. I believe a world where the people are not enslaved of ' ' culture of a body escultural' ' created and kept for companies who are not worried in transforming the people into healthful people but becoming them massificadas and manipulated people. Additional information at Bobby Sharma Bluestone supports this article.