Carlos Jimenez Borrajo

The key of the new model is the application development interface, API, open system that allows any developer to both integrate with other programs and standard solutions e-conomic as develop new ad hoc modules to add new features. This facility has encouraged the development of a barrage of small apps that are radically transforming the accounting program and the experience of users, in the image and likeness of what happened with the iOS of Apple and Google Android. Isearch follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this sense, e-conomic users have been the first to be able to manage their accounting programs using a mobile phone or a tablet. This open philosophy has allowed the integration of e-conomic with vertical solutions for shops, billing and Web management, reports management, customer management as a Sales Force, CaseWare, MedDBase, ScanPOS @, E-Gate, SmatWeb Shop, SameSystem, ChannelCRM, WebCRM or Impexvision. There are also dozens of modules developed by third parties, free or pay, that provide functionality of subscription, Department stores, of scanning, etc. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Energy Capital Partners. Automation apps connect various accounting programs e-conomic for data exchange. They are programs, systems or applications that allow data exchange between e-conomic and other applications, which aims to help automate administrative tasks between systems that work with a company.

This integration – explains Carlos Jimenez Borrajo, CEO of e-conomic for Spain – allows administrators spend less time on manual tasks in your company and focus on the key aspects of your business. Example of course is the integration with an online store: when a new order is received in the store, this information reaches e-conomic automatically. Subsequently, the company creates an invoice in e-conomic and this information reaches the system of online store that sent the invoice to the client. Once the customer pays and sends the information to the online store, it shares information with e-conomic that records the collection automatically.

Patagonia Defense Council

Concerned leaders of coalition citizen Aysen Reserva of life (Coalition ARV) were shown before the confirmation of the resignation of the director of the Aysen Conama, Jose Pablo Saez, who will take vacations and leave the charge from August 24. According to Byron Trott, who has experience with these questions. This will mean that when HidroAysen enter its addendum to the system by the end of this month, the regional Conama will be leaderless, even more so when there surely will be another mega hydroelectric project in processing, the energy Austral. Follow others, such as Energy Capital Partners, and add to your knowledge base. What guarantees have today the inhabitants of Aysen that work will be properly in those conditions? expressed thereon the Coordinator of the Organization, which brings together several groupings of the Aysen Region that have a critical view of the dam projects and electrical wiring in Patagonia. The leader explained that complex foot that remains the regional Conama joins a series of irregularities that have taken place in the evaluation of the EIA of HidroAysen, where is they took decisions under political pressure and not considering the critical technical observations of the organs of the State with environmental competition. Hartmann stated that they are known pressures from some government authorities, which lobbyists of HidroAysen, under which had to act the outgoing director of Conama, who thus becomes the fuse of terrible decisions such as allowing that company to respond the comments when services pointed to the rejection – that have called into question the environmental institutions and are mortgaging our region. For his part, Miriam Chible, President of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, also a member organization of the ARV coalition and the Patagonia Defense Council, said that the current problem is not with competent public services, who have done an excellent job technical resisting even pressures of all kinds, but with regional political authority which has carried out a notorious and rude interventionism. Others including Angie Dickinson, offer their opinions as well. Let us hope that in this If the new director is someone of high technical level and to meet the challenges facing the region. The worst thing would be to install in that post to an operator and fast tracker of transnationals.. .

Pallet Front Plastics

What are the pallets? (Also known as cages or boxes) pallets are used to help transport goods across the country. They do provide a solid basis upon which are placed and ensure the goods, protecting them from damage by lifting. They also provide a solid basis, both for stacking, as to move the goods using a forklift. Traditionally, the pallets have been made of wood, but in recent years, with increased development in plastics, are manufactured from this material. But the big question is: what picked you to use? You utilizarias the traditional wood or new plastic for your pallets and cages? Advantages of pallets of wood if you choose wood, here are the advantages that it offers: cost: the wooden pallets are made of wood running and available, they can be manufactured cheaply, which means that they can buy cheap, compared with plastics, that they require a more sophisticated manufacturing process. Easy to find: If you want to have your own pallets, can acquire them from wood, very easily, supplied in the construction markets or at hardware stores. Plastic pallets are much more specialized and not as available for purchase. Indeed, with wooden cages, you can even make them yourself.

Easy to fix: plastic pallets can have a hard life, so they are often damaged. However, with wooden pallets yourself, you can fix them easily, simply replacing the sections of wood or nails. Fortress: The wood can be good to withstand very heavy weights, which can exert much pressure for some plastic cages. (Source: Samsung). Disadvantages of the pallets of wood shelf life: though the wood is very strong, the pallets are damaged and wear out relatively quickly. Although they are easy to buy and fix, it will be expensive if you need many pallets and use them constantly. Storage: The wood could be damaged by water, so if you want to preserve your wooden cages in good condition, you have to keep them dry, or otherwise, is going to deteriorate even more soon.

New Vacuum Cleaner

Based on these premises have been watching among others many the following 3 models: NILFISK GM80 vacuum with bag, although it could work without a bag. You also have a permanent cloth filter.Price 469. Additional HEPA filter + 70. It is classified as a semi-industrial. The views I’ve found are good in general. Each pack of 5 bags + 15.

Allows you to plug the hose into the upper part of the vacuum cleaner to blow, and is the only model that allows it. We have seen it in the English Court. FILTER QUEEN 32 ALLERGY PARQUET PLUS Bagless, patented its own centrifuge system. Price 505. Made of pretty durable plastic. Does not need to bag, don’t need filters, empties easily, and is washed with water in the shower and little more.

It has a filter that should be washed every 3 months with water cold, and let dry 24 h. It has a built-in HEPA filter, apparently before the engine, which removes fine dust (speak even of plaster or flour, although they recommend emptying the vacuum more frequently). The views I’ve found also they are good. We have seen it in el Corte Ingles and REDCOON quite cheaper, although it seems to point to previous modelswitch, and with less series accessories. FILTERQUEEN – Bagless (Magestic), with its own patented centrifugal system and a paper filter conical big enough that filters out particles of very small size, and located before the engine. 2890 Price along with a (defend) air purifying filter. The qualities of materials are exceptional, with details for all sites (the price also 6 times more than the other two). Official site: Neil Rubler. In this case, the views are far more varied: good talk about improvements in allergy and asthma symptoms, and basically bad from the overly aggressive sales techniques (much), and a really high price (also see this blog, these other views, or search google filterqueen thymus or filterqueen scam, in the line of previous opinions). NOT sold in stores, but through presentations at home, to the more pure style thermomix or Avon calls to your door. In the end, us we decided by the DYSON DC32, which includes quite a few accessories, and 6 times less than the FILTERQUEEN priced (even so, 500 for a vacuum cleaner is already money). El Corte Ingles ensures us that the engine is very durable, there is no option to you between dust, thanks to the cyclone system and HEPA filter, and works very well. The FILTER QUEEN GM80 also have put it us very well, but the possibility of blowing can supplement with a hair dryer, and the additional HEPA filter is located behind the engine, not before, and is also optional and is paid separately, what has made us decide for the DYSON. We have rejected those of water because the aprox.300 1/2 l. water you have to continuously change the water, and gets dirty quickly, but good, with Center of ironing included good, put in 700, and are much more inconvenient and cumbersome. They have not seemed us practices. Here I include some photos after the first experience. Notice that we did the depth of house cleaning makes 3 weeks, and since then we have gone from mopa periodically.

IV International Conference

Last May 18, took place the IV International Conference of business continuity on the standard BS 25999, organized by BSI in the Hotel Ritz in Madrid. Audea information security was among the invited participants of the round table, represented by Antonio Martinez Director of security and continuity. Among the companies that have had representation by your rapporteurs, through its directors, partners and main charges, found at Repsol, La Caixa, Ferrovial, The institute Continuity Management the mainly topics have been the need to test the effectiveness of a plan for business continuity as well as the management and the role of certain departments to incidents. New case studies in order to answer some more focused questions to the company were also exposed. Example of such issues are, how to get the need for this new system to all members of your company, how to raise them, how to measure the effectiveness of their plans as conclusion we could say that a good plan of business is vital in today’s business environment, since it allows us to have a set of procedures to respond fully automatically face a disruption in its activity. Audea information security, Marketing and communication Department.

Wireless Cameras

The safety of your family is the most important, and due to the great crime that exists in our country must be prepared. If your home located in a conflict zone, this has a lot more sense. If you are thinking about buying a security team to protect your home can be interested in systems such as alarms for your home if you want to protect your business can use a system of cameras and even a security guard. No system can be complete if you do not have security cameras, there are now a variety of wireless cameras, and many places where to buy. There are also combos that include cameras wireline and wireless thus reducing its cost.

These wireless cameras have as an advantage its easy installation and can be relocated to where it is required without having to rewire as happens with traditional cameras. Robert Bakish might disagree with that approach. You should always take into account the quality of video camera that we are going to acquire. We must look for mid to high quality. As it can be to the area that we want to monitor this away. If you have a camera with high resolution can clearly see the faces of the sopechos, which is essential if we want to catch these criminals. Also important to the angle that the camera has there are cameras that can capture wide margins of vision. Other factors to take into account is the resistance to the weather and weather. Many wireless cameras are vulnerable and have problems in high temperatures or humidity since some of the components of the cordless camera are of different qualities.

Some wireless camera systems include recorders digital, that allows to record evidence and useful scripts for example in a trial, they can be stored and reproduced on the computer. With these basics, can be a good decision to buy a security system that uses wireless cameras. If you need more information do not hesitate to visit our website where you will find analysis products for the safety of his home as the cameras ip and other products.

Raymond Mill Glory

As the industry continues to develop, Raymond Mill, as the main product of our power grinding mill industry, will inevitably develop toward the high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automated direction. And we are sure Raymond mill will definitely tend to adopt SCR power supply, AC inverter, grease centralized lubrication, shock absorption and other measures accompanied by status monitoring devices and computers automatic control devices. Automatic condition monitoring and automation control within the Raymond Mill to increase the materials of the intelligent electronic control system, automatic control and out of grinding, as well as quantitative. The operator only needs buttons to control the Raymond mill, to improve the accuracy of material to strengthen the accuracy of the analysis need grinding machine in the operating room. Zendesk has much experience in this field. Raymond mill powder industry will be mainly to the development of high reliability, energy saving, accurate, automatic condition monitoring and automatic control direction. Can use the SCR power supply, AC variable speed, oil centralized lubrication, shock absorption, and other measures, and condition monitoring, and microcomputer automatic control device Raymond Mill high reliability needs of rationalization of mechanical principles to enhance the grinding ring, under the gland, such as wear resistance, improve the lubrication of machines in the state of the continuous work before the next bearing. We network Star provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Raymond mill and other products from our company. As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, and product quality credit enterprises..

Usage And Characteritics Of The Raw Material Mill

This series of products is mainly used for grinding the cement raw materials, also applies in the metallurgical, chemical, power and other industrial and mining enterprises to grind all kinds of Owers and other grind-able materials. The raw materials mill can not only be used in the dry method production but also wet production method. It can also be used in the process of simultaneous grinding and drying job. open stream grinding is suitable too, The raw mill drive form the edge of the drive, compact structure, small footprint. Thus save user investment. Raw mill big end caps, end caps and hollow shaft for the overall casting. In the end caps and discharge system uses a unique streamlined design, reduce the ventilation resistance, increasing the effective volume, easy to discharge mill output.

Raw mill for a single-chamber structure, grinding lined plate combination of design, different for different stages of the raw mill liner structure, greatly improving the efficiency of grinding. Raw mill work pressure is negative pressure, to effectively prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of the powder leakage. Drying hot air is the introduction of high-temperature exhaust gas of the kiln tail wind, insulation measures raw mill, material drying capacity is 6% to 8%. Raw mill electrical control reserve DCS interface to meet the needs of users centralized control. Application field: the raw material mill is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, electric power, chemical and other industries for the (drying and grinding) grinding cement raw materials and other materials.

Classification and characteristics of this machine: (1) the ordinary raw material mill s grinding system is suitable for small and medium-sized, generally used for circuit grinding system outside the mill the powder. (2) air swept mill. Air swept mill is characterized by short, coarse, and out of the compound by the air shaft journal, the compartment plate grate seam between drying the warehouse and grinding positions the grinding tail area does not discharge grate plate, so small ventilation resistance, the wind speed of the grinding positions is up to 5 m / s and above, it is possible to enter a large amount of hot air, and thus the drying ability. (3) Discharge ascension cycle Tail grinding. The difference between Tail discharge ascension cycle grinding air swept mill is that the pipes and grand are processed by the house end storage, discharge by the mechanical method, and then sent to the classifying machine by the elevator, the coarse materials are conveyed back to the mill for the grinding recycle. original link: Screw classifier: Dryer machine: