This system has the ability to customize the degree of compression, including image format jpeg, http and mail traffic. Without taking into account other audio-visual and graphic elements, archive files, less traffic can be from 30 to 65 percent. But there is in this and similar systems, and a negative moment. Working through an additional server is a potential risk of loss of confidential or personal information (usernames and passwords, credit card numbers and billing). Yes, and the speed of the servers is still of course – with heavy loads feeling of braking in the speed of access. Similar opportunities and other services – onspeed. Can operate on a dialup connection, and gprs. If we take into account only the text, compress files, you can achieve significant savings and accelerating the transfer of traffic.

Negative moments are similar to the previous service. The most famous among such services TrafficCompressor. TrafficCompressor program running on your computer. She receives compressed data from the server, converts them to the original uncompressed format and transmit them to the web browser, email program or another program that has made a request to receive data from the Internet. Best compression is achieved by traffic on the pages, files and messages that have a text format such as html or xml, as well as the rate of traffic to some online games (MMORPG). TrafficCompressor not able to compress exe, zip, rar, music and video files, images, and some other types of files. Wider functional is a program MyProxy.