The love? He is many for has the ousadia there to say that it knows what it is to love to the 10 years of age. My love, you finds exactly that already it is capable to define the love? It will only be the love for its parents, its friends, the love for God n? Because love between a man and a woman I am certain that you still have much what to learn, she has much what to suffer, and very what to cry. You still go to learn that pra to love somebody you have that to know the value of a tear, the value of a kiss. Isearch: the source for more info. Now he goes to kiss a friend, who you go to perceive what she is sees a friend if to move away, what it is a friendship to finish to the few for a simple kiss. Then soon, he is therefore that I say that you have that to know the value of a kiss. But he knows of a thing, only says that he loves somebody when you will have full certainty of this. More information is housed here: neil cole. also knows that to love somebody it is easy, now it to correspond this love is difficult saw? Then, she is smart ().

Computers and Their Functions

Much says in computers nowadays not and truth. But you have idea of what and as functions a computer? Through this briefing study we go to be showing to the visitor as and that and the functioning and the structure of a computer in theoretical terms. The computer basically and one scheme said as digital that is one schemes that it makes its work through a digital chain. A digital chain consists of a chain that and composed only for two and very used this type of chain due to the values to be more steady Today we have the most varied devices of than they use this type of chain. But the electric structure Brazilian and based in another type of chain the analogical chain that possesss 0 variable values this and still used chain for the great majority of the Brazilian devices therefore the Brazilian and composed electrical system for Analogical Chain Basically.

Based in this structure of the computer that is projected to function using current digital and that the call was created technology of CIs or Integrated Circuitos that it made possible creation of the computers as we nowadays know example of use of CIs would be the calls microprocessors that are the brain of the computer and technologies of notebook and netbook that they are done computers total on the basis of the technology of Cis. Basically this technology consists of if significantly reducing the size of the great equipment used in great computers for lesser sizes. Add to your understanding with Kai-Fu Lee. It are this technology of CIs advances also it of Technologies of Storage of Data made possible the creation of parts or equipment of computers as HDs, pen drives, Cds, ribbons among others technologies that had been and are some used ones today tie in all the computers even though in this computer that you use to read this article an example of devices that use this technology that consists basically of a ribbon, same compact disc or pen drive that it records and it reads the recorded information for the user that is for you.