The Same

Not only by brain gym exercises, but because you will be taking time for himself. THIS IS ALREADY ONE GREAT GAIN. (c) do not be so skeptical. Let us hope. Especially when the function logic is so simple. Anything else? If. This is not magic and are not achieved the benefits with one time to practice, by contrast, repetition and always increasing level of difficulty will be allowing you to see the first achievements and move forward. In addition, if you want to improve in some specific area, such as for example the memory, there is very good material on the market.

There are also more extravagant, such as audios and videos subliminal techniques. Do they work? Wait, before you go, does influence the age for the practice of brain gym? If and not. The literature says that not because the brain has the ability called neuroplasticity. However, in the practices that I have done with dozens of groups, I have seen that if there is initial easier when the person is younger. But I want to emphasize the initial word, because with a bit of practice, I’ve seen that everyone increase their capacities. Very well, I have tried to explain in a simple way the most important points of brain gym. There are a lot more to say about the brain and mainly their applications, which we will do in the following articles. I invite you to visit my site’s newsletter where I am making an effort to address all these issues in an accessible and interesting way. In fact, this article in its original version on my site, shows you a video demonstration of the first exercise, therefore the most basic brain gymnastics.