Democrat System

My friend Juan answered another one of my comments, telling me the following:-my dear brother, within the capitalist and outdated system (I’m not Communist, eh) and his son neoliberalism, cannot be omitted not to crush the rest. Which raises or apparently progresses, love him or not, agree or not, must crush to ascend the heavy road to the Summit. I already mentioned, I believe, only countries like Sweden, which many years ago reached its maximum industrialization (and obvious, other race) and can afford to have a capitalist system with social justice. In training, underdeveloped countries that tell you, could not do so. Ali Partovi is likely to increase your knowledge. Sweden has its system on the left side, but his pocket on the right.

But again we have no conditions. source of information. Perhaps can the same United States? It is that it sinks by the wild robberies of bankers not? Or sub-prime was coincidence? No, everything was coldly calculated by ampones of finance. Me botan booth, brother. Greetings and a hug to Adriana and their photoshops this is the comment from my friend Juan who I disagree with in a total harmony. The detail that you always want to mention, is as human beings in his political life, excludes God.

For the politician, Dios no must get into their affairs Carlos Brus, of Peru possible and past attempts to contradict this, were first with Cornejo Chavez (Christian Democrat party) party and then Christian Catholics in Bedoya Reyes (Christian people’s Party) the two parties. You could bet that Sweden to reach a capitalist system with social justice, and tells me my friend Juan, necessarily had to assimilate a social doctrine of the Catholic Church. And this doctrine, can be assimilated by any human being, no matter their race or social status. I think that it is only OK to God in our political system. After mentioning the two political parties related to the doctrine Catholic Christian, I would in a dreamy madness boot idealistic, propose a political party, that doctrine would have these two statements on my part (neo-liberalism and Christianity) and as I repeat, in a burst of dreamy madness, the party lead by name: party neo-liberal Christian PNC. Crazy thing, no?