The full configuration for CA-10 is equipped with four pads or a speculum and lets you control up to 16 zones. For each zone the fire alarm system (OPS) can be programmed to different types of reactions alarm control unit (PCU) to alarm events. When sending messages over a telephone line can be assigned to 9 of event codes for each zone. Various zones of OPS can be attributed to the group, forming up to 4 groups combining all outlets. Thanks to this one based on the receiving-control unit can be created 4 practically independent of each other's system OPS. Options for the formation of groups can be different: not to have common areas of areas is common, all the zones owned by one group to another group and zones subject to multiple groups. Protecting access to CA-10 through a system of passwords. In the control panel memory can store up to 32 six-digit password, which associated with groups and vary the level of access.

In addition, for each group, set a master password that provides access to all settings OPS and allows administrators to add passwords for the new users with different privileges. Programming and maintenance of certain groups may be carried out using the LED or LCD keypads. Each keypad has its own address in OPS, an individual sensor autopsy, and two additional zones. Status of alarm detectors and associated alarm LED or display combinations are displayed on the LCD. At the same time on the LED keypads Satel anxiety fire alarm systems are indicated in red. To monitor the entire system of TSOs in the SA-10 integrated telephone dialer device with a function that communicates with a central post of protection and transmits information on all events in the system over a phone line. Control and receiving unit CA-10 allows you to transmit voice over a phone line alarm messages in the TSO, and can connect with paging systems. Easy to set up the CA-10 provides programmable control panel via a computer using software Russified DLOAD10.

In this case the computer is connected to the panel OPS can be locally via RS-232 port or remotely via modem. By the same author: ???? ?? ??. In the case of remote programming, the SA-10 can be initiating a telephone connection from your computer, and with the control panel. Buy The control unit CA-10, obtain additional information about the new product and other components of the OPS can be in the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems' by phone (495) 787-3342 or e-mail. Polish SATEL company operating in the European security market since 1990 and specializes in the manufacture and sale of equipment and software for fire and security systems (OPS) for various purposes. SATEL produces the receiving-control instruments, in including a sensor for flat modules GSM, wireless alarm systems, various security sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio sets and many accessories security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market are different solutions SATEL good combination of price and quality, are successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.