Can Life Without Suffering ?

It is easy to see that the cause of human development are suffering. Dissatisfaction with a particular situation, their situation, lack of proper attention from the society pushes people to seek to action for change. Not without reason said that necessity is the mother of invention. Search: the source for more info. Probably every man once in my life experienced a non-standard situations, when suddenly become clearer thoughts, feelings and begin to commit aggravated hidden details in ordinary situations, fatigue is not noticed, but on the contrary, there is a burst of energy. Do not be a pain – we would lie on the stove even ate the rolls, gaining weight by leaps and bounds. Consequently, the suffering – is vitally needed thing, without which there is no progress. But who among us likes to suffer? Do not we all looking for new sources every moment of pleasure.

Do not want to enjoy all that just can? Here is the paradox which, we do not like to suffer and not want, and at the same time without feeling at least a minimal drawbacks – not to move a finger and place not move. Follow others, such as CEO Of CoStar Group, and add to your knowledge base. How can that be? Not to bring the same to myself these very sufferings artificially. Do not wake famously, as the saying goes. Search for your trouble head is not necessary. Take care of this life itself. Head to work nakrichit, neighbor buys a new car, but you never know what can happen – to control the flow of trouble – not in our power.

However, the nature and left us some field activities. Namely, to understand yourself and decide, and to understand why we suffer. Maybe you should not suffer because of ‘this’, because there are things more important and? The fact that our attitude to suffering may be variable not even discussed. Judge for yourself – a five-year boy weeps bitter tears when he breaks a favorite toy. Greater tragedy in this moment for him in this world. But it will take 10-15 years, and he does not remember this incident, and if he recall, he just smiles. Priorities in life have changed. Little was that it was once the most important. Nature has left us a choice of what to suffer, but from what is not worth it. For example, loses in football is my favorite team, or I do not raise wages, and someone will raise, or I do not prove to someone he was right in the dispute – this must be live, although I must admit, left an unpleasant aftertaste. But to live a life in vain, finding no place in it and not to realize themselves, burn time, overly fascinated animal pleasures, which will still always be small, leaving the descendants of the world full of violence and evil, unable to even explain to them why it is so – get on with it much more difficult. Hence, it is in this direction and should focus its efforts and, accordingly, the vector of its development, so as not to destroy the world, but to find a good and happy life.