Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on my purely personal opinion, it is necessary to set an example of how to properly make quality shooters. Although I hasten to note that in technological terms rather than plot. But let's trained bears, perhaps, by order. The game's plot is as simple as five cents. There are Russian, Americans are led by the brave general of boring. Of course, the Russian are the enemies of all mankind.

Well, more accurately, not all Russian, and one particular citizen bad radish named Makarov (apparently, the developers know very little Russian surnames, why did not float his brain reflections on behalf of a terrorist). The whole point of the game is based on the confrontation between the two sides, and, in general, continues the story of the previous section, however, adjusted for five-year term, which was held with events of the original Modern Warfare. Russian is still the bad guys trying to put Americans' moral and villains scumbag. We were fortunate to play undiminished version of the game, where the mission was abandoned at the airport. Apparently, the developers have not only opened the catalog of Russian names, but still think that we have in the red area are monuments to terrorists walk the streets of performing bears, and at every step there are Soviet tents where they sell such lovely Russian to vodka and black bread. We, of course, understand that it is alternative history, but forgive me then, why the lovely sterile American cities are modern cars, trendy eateries and technology, as we have ambulances on the streets go with the number "04", and the bookstore sold Publishing the names of "Bullet," "Beer," "Duck Hunter", "Comrade!" Kill Russian – Save America! In general, except for boring conversation about patriotism, defense of the "American Dream" evil "red" and the destruction of the "Soviet Union", the story nothing to say.


But the barbarian perfectly mastered the science of artless razrubaniya raskidyvaniya and in different directions black creatures of all kinds. And the types of attacks that this hero this case applies, more like slight variations of the same attack, ie attack with an ax. A heavy blow will cause great injury to any demon, stroke will allow to light in a moment not one, hit 'Hammer ancient 'in the load can still damage and stun. At the moment it becomes very difficult, barbarian can use his skill 'in battle frenzy', multiply all his skills. Not so in many ways, but for newcomers to the deciding on saving the planet will do. In addition, the barbarian is in harmony for those who want less if possible leave the battlefield and hide from the audience requires communication in order to add health and mana.

With a witch differently. Prospects simply unrealistic, and the original means to achieve them, are infirm. Sorceress – in fact able to craft for gamers. Choosing to kill enemies with a single movement of the fingers have undergo very complex stage of development. The very first skill – the lightning, magic missile and ghost knives – do not engender any awe of the enemy, not admiring gaze of the rural bumpkin. The most productive of all attacks – Magic missile, but it is also not necessary destruction. But it is clear that time passes, everything is converted.

Skills your character is converted, will manifest the 'explosion of ice', which creates damage in different directions, and 'Teleport', which allows properly and in accordance with the rules of magic blow up. In addition, there is a rune system, which allows you to transform spell. Drawing on the resulting rune to spell, you can little to change his action. For example, extend the range of ghostly blades, or give the ability to ghost the rocket piercing blow, hitting the next opponent. These characters appear in the game sure. And whether there will be more and more – is not yet clear. If the rumors are true that the output of Diablo 3 will not this year, the time at Blizzard will be to develop a large army of heroes. However, even with the existing set of Diablo 3 is very varied. Everything else, April 1 at the same field delineated another class – the archivist. Apparently, this is the case when not following the word 'silence to be in the library' leads to bad results. Come out of yourself ruler of ancient tomes set at rest offenders vortices manuscripts and even has the ability to explode from an excess of emotions with his enemies. Just do not know – will this class in the latest games or so and is an ordinary hoax.


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