Fraud Within Companies

University Professor, Business Advisory and Financial Expert Guayaquil-Ecuador AUDIT STATUS (Internal Audit Fraud) “Fraud is a matter of behavior and values” The Audit Status, is being increasingly required by the corporate governance of public and private entities, because many companies are losing their financial position by internal fraud assets that perform their own employees and directors for embezzlement, and misappropriation of goods or services.

The fraud within companies has become widespread in the world and the most difficult to investigate and punish, the arrangements are so varied, ranging from the most simple and naive as the destruction or loss of documentation, even the most sophisticated in creating of financial accounting devices accounting games with the accounts of assets and liabilities and results, ie an entire re-engineering using available means as technology advances; this goes far beyond our own imagination, by the mere fact of occupying a leading position to make decisions where the trust of their managers and society is no longer a real value a duty and responsibility worst code of ethics that should met. Since then the employee loyalty to companies has deteriorated, and employers and managers have very low awareness of the problem. This prevents them from taking action simple and easy to apply to reduce this loss of profitability and confidence. The Audit Status .- It is defined as an audit to investigate and inquire into the illicit enrichment of employees and executives in an attacking internal fraud, as reflected in the reports of legal liability.