Stilling Toys

Promote the game drive with the right toys for the cat who even has a cat at home, white, as these be exhausting can, if they don’t necessary get spout and undisturbed romp in certain places can. Therefore, there is many more cat toys such as, for example, laser pointer, which alone serve to shine a light spot on the floor, the cat or a cat trying to catch next to a tree. That this does not succeed, of course serves the purpose of the Austobens, whereupon the cat probably still settled and resting starters. Furthermore scratching posts and the like can make a Stilling of the natural urges of the cat, as game tunnel, which certainly can differ. So, not only length and width are a criterion, but also transparency, the shape and stability of the material. Game tubes or game tracks, which equipped with balls and the like are an another useful toys It may be what attracts the attention of the cat on the device. Cat toys such as laser pointer, game tunnel and game tracks, and the many similar devices are thus indispensable for all those who like a quiet minute want to enjoy without having to constantly have a watchful eye on the playful cat or the playful cat. In addition, the devices are extremely space-saving, less than a square foot in the apartment or the House is required to provide plenty of space for toys the cat.

However, you must note that not every cat toy for every cat is suitable. So, some cats intend fear to great toys. Also many cats shy away from too close game tunnel, especially if they even rustle. So you must find out only himself what pleasure the most own cat. If they found the right toys nothing more in the way is the fun of the cat. The natural urges are so on the fastest and most convenient way breastfed for everyone – without damage to housing or home furnishings. Dirk STAUDINGER

Canary Islands

Recently, large supermarket chains like Karstadt and Kaufhof offered the Canary banana. The banana plant is an einkeimblattrige plant and belongs to the species of Musa. The main species cultivated in the Canary Islands belong to the triploid species Musa Acuminata. The origin of the Canary bananas are in Southeast Asia, more precisely between India and Malaysia. Already 500 A.d., it reached Africa over Madagascar. And they have been at home on the Mediterranean coast in the 6th century and reached the Canary Islands, in the train of Portuguese colonization in Africa from Guinea,. Assuming that the Spaniards brought the fruit of the Canary Islands with to America.

After all, there are taste differences between the Canary and the tropical bananas. The most important criterion is that the Canarian banana in a mature state is picked. In addition, the Canarian banana has a greater moisture content and is so tasty and not as dry as the tropical banana. However, the tropical banana has a higher Value of carbohydrates, soluble sugar and sucrose and is thus more off-white as the Canary banana. The climate is also an important factor. On the Canary Islands it is more volatile than in tropical countries.

As a result, the Canarian banana is longer hangs on the perennials. In contrast to the tropical banana, which can be harvested after about three months. The long ripening process causes that win more aroma and thus taste the banana. For the cultivation of bananas, the optimum temperature is around 25 degrees. The ideal installation height is below 300 meters. In addition, bananas need sufficient moisture, plenty of light, sandy soils with sufficient clay with a slightly acidic pH. All these requirements can be found on the Canary Islands. The time between the seed of the mother plant until the clumps coming out, is about ten to twelve months. If the clusters there are the perennial on a subject is tied. Thus prevents that them due to their weight or as a result of the prevailing wind around bends. The Tufts are then provided with a plastic sleeve. As a result, the fruit Gets a uniform shape. Also, this cover protects from pests and damage during transport. And finally, the female flowers, from which emerge the bananas, are picked individually at the end of each fruit.