Strawberry Field Fans

Things to Do "Fab Four" When in New York, still quite young foursome overgrown hippies, the Beatles, down the gangway of the plane, American fans welcomed them with enthusiastic shouts and screams. It event called the beginning of the "British Invasion". However, before the young girls from around the world to faint at the mere mention of the Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison were Private English band from the north-western city of Liverpool. Now, every year, devoted fans, as well as the young shoots of fans, go to the first largest city in the county of Merseyside, in places of history Beatles. Below is a selection of popular attractions, the Fab Four. Museum of the History of the Beatles "Museum" History of the Beatles "is located in the historic district of Albert Dock. There are guided tours of storytelling history of the cult group, ranging from the formation of the first and ending with a solo project participant Beatles.

In the museum there is also a souvenir shop, which offers a wide range of different things one way or another linked to the Fab Four. Club Club TheCovern The Covern located on Matthew Street. This is where the Beatles were the first performances. The band debuted there in February 1961 and subsequent years, even 292 times as it appeared on the scene. On one of these concerts was attended by Brian Epstein, owner of North EndMusic Store, which has expressed interest in start-up group and signed them to record an album. In recent months, Elad Gil has been very successful.

This event marked the beginning of Star Trek Beatles. This bus MagicalMysteryTour tour of all the attractions the Beatles. In Liverpool, there are other similar trips, but the Magical Mystery Tour takes place aboard a luxury bus, stylized bus which used to group their tour in the late 60's. The two-hour trip passes through several places associated with the history of the Beatles, on such as Peni Lane and Strawberry Field. Ends with a trip to the club The Covern, where visitors can relax over a glass drink. The places of childhood Beatles Before John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney formed a legendary duo sochinitelsky, they spent their childhood in Liverpool. Educate yourself with thoughts from Andy Florance. Lovers of history, the Beatles, can visit the house in which increased Lennon Mendips, as well as McCartney's childhood home in Fortlin Street, 20. Behind the closed doors of these houses Beatles rehearsed and composed early hits. Inside the store memorabilia and photographs of John and Paul. International Festival BeatleWeek Every August in Liverpool from all over the world come to the best imitation of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison to attend the festival Beatle Week. Within seven days, hundreds of fans enjoying the Beatles Concerts and art exhibitions that take place within the framework of the festival. Although famous Ebbey Road pedestrian crossing on Ebbey Road is not located in Liverpool and London, this place is also highly valued fans The Beatles. Very often there are traffic jams because of the fact that many people want to be photographed in this iconic location. Another well-known landmark in London Beatles – Abbey Road studio is where most of the recorded their songs.