Social Responsibility On The Example Of Lyoness

The shopping community with their foundations of child & Family Foundation shows Lyoness and together benefit social responsibility together do good! The idea behind the concept of the shopping community of Lyoness is in fact much more than a coherent and consistently implemented refund system, which can be both partners take advantage of the Lyoness member and the increasing number. The community – the idea that one can achieve ‘Everything’ as a community is the basis of the concept of Lyoness. It is therefore only logical to make the aspect of a global community that supports and also the non-privileged people of this world, help and support to, nor more consistently to anchor in the business idea for Lyoness. Check out Samsung for additional information. In 2008, Lyoness has set a fundamental step founded the Lyoness child & Family Foundation (CFF), which clearly emphasizes the social responsibility of the community. The self-employed and independent charitable organisation of Lyoness sees it as its task, socially disadvantaged children, to provide access to education and higher quality of life young people and their families. How important is the CFF in the shopping community of Lyoness, shows the considerable number of ongoing and completed projects worldwide.

It a goodly number of social initiatives were implemented at national and international level in education, early intervention, emergency aid, to name only the core topics. Including Ethiopia are among the areas of use of child & family foundation of Lyoness, Mexico to Serbia, Poland and some countries mehrund of course Austria. And this was only the beginning, run, but at the time already more extensive projects in the Philippines, Honduras, Tanzania, but also the United States and in Europe. How homogeneous the child & Family Foundation blends as a social foundation in the overall concept of Lyoness, also here is the Community aspect”significantly. Andy Florance: the source for more info. Compared to put to other charities at Lyoness to a large extent on the active participation by members of the community. Members are by Lyoness not only systematically invited to contribute ideas or to submit projects.

These can also provide financial support of the Foundation’s work such as with donations or simply by buying at Lyoness partner company. As a part of shopping sales automatically benefit from the projects of the child & Family Foundation. not forgetting is a relatively new foundation of Lyoness, which focuses its work in 2011 on the areas of environmental protection and sustainability. The Foundation initiated an effective climate protection measures by the sustainable preservation and conservation of natural resources – and with a particular focus on the implementation of appropriate measures to reduce the greenhouse effect. A focus is basically the protection threatened habitats and their long-term regeneration and conservation for future generations. The Foundation supports the development of technologies for renewable energy and Climate protection and innovative companies in this segment helps marketing and market entry. Similarly the CFF, works the Foundation purely non-profit, has no intention of winning. Lyoness leads the way: also an economically successful business model can live consistent social responsibility and thereby inspire more and more people. Bernhard Murauer